Check Out The Cool New Piggyback Saddle

  • Parents Only

By: Phoebe Ackland, ellaslist

Giddy up, mums and dads of toddlers! Check out this cool new parenting product- the SaddleBaby, that lets parents give safe and hands-free piggy back rides to their little ones.

Source: Business Insider

Where To Get It

You can get this cool new parenting gadget for about AUD $144. Velcro straps will secure children to your back, and the orange padding will help to take a little stress off your shoulders. Kids will just love seeing everything from up high riding on your shoulders, and parents get free use of their hands back-it’s a win-win! It seems that the original SaddleBaby is currently out of stock on their website- Amazon is all out too! Keep checking back- this product is obviously flying off the shelves.


Source: SaddleBaby

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