Twist Up A Classic With The New Connect 4 Shots Game

  • Toddlers

A new twist on the popular classic game, Connect 4 Shots is a rapid-fire game that will take your kids competitive spirit to the next level. Just like the original, it’s a two-man race to get four-in-a-row, but that’s when the likeness ends! With Connect 4 Shots you have to ‘shoot’ lightweight, colourful balls into the grid. A board game meets an arcade game in this riotous new edition! Two players bounce the balls at the same time (the balls must hit the table before going in) aiming to get the same colour balls into a four-in-a-row formation in the grid. Count down to start then whoever gets there first wins. 

Combining fast moves and quick thinking, this is a cool game for kids 8 and up that will raise their energy levels and battle skills. Easy to learn, but requiring a good dose of strategy and precision to come out victorious! Connect 4 Shots is a fun race to the finish that kids will want to compete over and over again. Keep this timeless tradition alive with this interactive new version that the whole family can play.

When the game is over, the grid folds into a handy storage case, keeping all the parts safe and making it an ideal companion for picnics and holidays. Connect 4 Shots is a ball bouncing blast, that will bring kids of all ages of kids together for a board game with a difference.

Thanks to Hasbro: This article is brought to you in partnership with Hasbro Gaming, our Supporting Brand Partner for the Unplug & Play Initiative.

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