Top 6 Board Games For Toddlers And Pre-Schoolers

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It’s no secret that at ellaslist, we’re big fans of the good, old-fashioned board game. They’re engaging, entertaining and create time and space for some screen-free family bonding—and we don’t believe that toddlers or preschoolers should be left out of the fun.

The preschool years are a time of great cognitive, emotional and social development, and board games can encourage them to try new things and work on their interaction skills. Ultimately, when you’re searching for a board game to play with toddlers and preschoolers, they need to be pretty simple, maybe a little bit silly and preferably brightly coloured. Here’s our top 6.

Blowfish Blowup


The game is really easy to play and promises lots of laughs from little ones! 24 little pieces of "treasure" are stuffed inside a bowl with a blowfish and each player must take a turn fishing out a piece of treasure with their hand ... but the clicker is, the blow fish could blow up at any time. Kids and adults will be on the edge of their seats!

Peeing Pup

Little kids love toilet humour and this one has it in buckets! Peeing Pup is like a game of "hot potato" as kids take turns passing the pup and petting its head, and then when the puppy barks it's time to pass him to the next person. The little pup makes cute sounds with all this attention…but watch out! He loves to be petted but he just might pee. The only player not to get peed on by the pup wins!

Hungry Hungry Hippos

An iconic pick in any little game-players arsenal, the marble-gobbling Hasbro game, Hungry Hungry Hippos, promises endless amounts of fun for kids aged 4 and over. The Hungry Hungry Hippos are going on a feeding frenzy—so all players fill their marble grooves with five marbles, and then release them into play simultaneously. Start chomping, and don’t stop till you’ve got the fattest, fullest hippo. The player with the most marbles when none are left in play wins!

Little Balancing Game

Image: Fatherly

A fun game for really little ones—the Little Balancing Game encourages communication between toddlers and their parents and carers. Small frogs are balancing on the waterlilies—and little players have to make sure that they don't fall into the pond!

It can also be customised to the dexterity of your child—meaning you can use more stilts and waterlilies as your child becomes more dexterous! If the players run out of stilts and lilies, a frog is placed on top to finish the tower. If all elements are placed and the towers still stand, each player receives a point.

Plumber Pants 

Taking potty humour to a new level! This Hasbro game will have the kids in stitches. 

During this game, players take turns loading tools onto the plumber's belt. If his pants fall down, water sprays from the sink. The player who doesn't make his pants fall down wins. The game comes with a plastic faucet, 10 plastic tools and a toolbox. Fart jokes required. Available September 2019.

Suggested Age: 4 years and up

Connect 4

Another great option for kids 4 and over, Connect 4 is essentially a strategy masterclass for young ones, and they’ll get the chance to work on their dexterity and critical thinking skills! Drop your red or yellow discs in the grid and be the first to get 4 in a row to win. If your opponent is getting too close to 4 in a row, block them with your own disc. 

Thanks to Hasbro: This article is brought to you in partnership with Hasbro Gaming, our Supporting Brand Partner for the Unplug & Play Initiative.

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