Summer School Holiday Program at the Royal Botanic Garden Sydney

  • Wed Dec 21 2016
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The Royal Botanic Garden Sydney in Sydney’s CBD is the place to visit for great holiday activities and programs in December 2016 and January 2017.

Garden Grubs – Leafy Christmas Craft (6-12yrs)
NEW all day school holiday program for kids. Kids will get to exploring the Garden and use plant materials to make festive decorations to take home — Christmas tree ornaments, wreaths, beeswax candles and more. There’ll also be nature play, stories and fun games.
Where:    Royal Botanic Garden Sydney, Learning Centre
When:     Wednesday 21, Thursday 22, Friday 23 December 2016; 9am-3.30pm (8am-5.30pm – long day)
Cost:        Members Child – $76.50 ($103.50 – long day); Non-members Child – $85 ($115 – long day)
* All prices include afternoon tea and craft materials.

Chocolate Monkeys (5-12yrs)
Sweet Addiction chocolate rainforest, play fun jungle games, and make their own delicious chocolate monkey poo! Includes all cooking ingredients.
Where:    The Calyx, Royal Botanic Garden Sydney
When:     Weekdays 9 – 27 January 2017 (excluding 26 January); 10-11.30am & 12.30-2pm
Cost:        Members $18 per child, non-members $20 per child

Super-Cool Science (6-12yrs)
Enter the geology lab and take a look at rock formation, minerals and more in a fun hands-on holiday workshop. Grow your own crystals, find out how volcanoes erupt, learn about earthquakes, discover why plants favour particular soils and participate in the techniques used by geologists to study and classify the Earth.

Plants for Life – The hidden science of plants! Hands-on biology workshop looking at how pollination, photosynthesis and more work in a practical session where you get to be the scientist. You even create a take-home botany experiment to run at home!

Where:    Maiden Theatre, Royal Botanic Garden Sydney
When:     Thursday 12, Monday 16 & Wednesday 25 January 2017; Geology: 9am-12pm, Plants for Life: 1-4pm
Cost:        $45/session/child
For enquiries and booking contact Fizzics Education on 1300 856 828 or book here.

Jarjums - Aboriginal Kids Program (5-12yrs)
Learn about Aboriginal culture through traditional games passed down from generations. ‘Bingo Lingo’ is a fun way to learn about the 29 Aboriginal nations within the Sydney area, ‘Kangaroo’ is an interactive game to test your speed and ability to work with others, and ‘Walbiri’ is a memory testing game which focuses on understanding each other and where you are.
Where:   Learning Centre, Royal Botanic Garden Sydney
When:    Monday – Friday 9 – 27 January 2017 (excluding 26 January); 10-11.30am
Cost:       Members $18 per child, non-members $20 per child.

Garden Grubs – Summer Fun (6-12yrs)
NEW all day school holiday program where your child can explore the Garden all day with nature play, stories, art and craft to take home, fun games and gardening activities. Materials included.
Where:    Learning Centre, Royal Botanic Garden Sydney
When:     9 – 27 January 2017 (exluding 26 January); 9am-3.30pm (8am-5.30pm – long day)
Cost:        From $85 per child | F&F members from $76.50 per child Bookings essential

Tapstar Saves Water!
Join superheros Tapstar and Drippett on their quest to save the planet – one drop of water at a time! This hilarious outdoor theatre performance incorporates singing, scientific demonstrations, puppetry and lots of audience participation.
Where:    Rathborne Lodge Lawn, Royal Botanic Garden Sydney
When:     Monday – Friday 9 – 20 January 2017; 10.30-11.30am
Cost:        $15/person

Myths, Magic & Monsters (5-12yrs)
Discover the magic on this storytelling adventure through the Garden! Witches, trolls, dragons and tree-spirits come alive through fun, interactive stories told by professional storyteller Jo Henwood. Children can take part in the stories, make a magical potion from herbs and weave their own colourful web decorated with leaves and flowers.
Where:    The Learning Centre, Royal Botanic Garden Sydney
When:      Fridays 13, 20 & 27 January 2017; 10-11.30am OR 12.30-2pm
Cost:         Members $18 per child, non-members $20 per child

Crouching Tiger, Hidden Garden (7-12yrs)
Kids will explore the Oriental Garden to find out about plants, mythical animals and culture.  Then they’ll paint a lantern in preparation for Chinese New Year, and construct their own mini Zen Garden to take home, complete with a tiny clay lantern!
Where:      The Learning Centre, Royal Botanic Gardens
When:       Monday – Friday 9 - 27 January 2017 (excluding 26 January); 10-11.30am OR 12.30-2pm
Cost:          Members $18 per child, non-members $20 per child

Bookings essential for all programs and activities. For more information, visit the website.

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