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  • Tue Jun 20 - Fri Jun 30 2017
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An AMP study found that an average family spends $50,000 on furniture and equipment, from when they are born to when they turn 18. That's $15 billion for kids born this year alone! 

Enter Kindershare,  an exciting new company founded by Sydney based Vanouhi Nazarian,  which connects parents who need short term access to costly accessories with owners who can spare.... We're super excited at Ellas's list and so should you. 

Travelling and need a compact pram?  Want to try expensive equipment before you buy? Have friends coming to stay and need a cot for their baby?  Do it with Kindershare!

Kindershare - the airbnb of the children's equipment world - helps you make money from your children's equipment - items like travel cots, travel prams, bassinets and car seats - that are used for a short period and then stored until you have another child. 

One of the most popular items parents are searching for is a Fly-Tot. What is it?  It's a product designed by two mums who were searching for a way to make flying more relaxing for children. The Fly-Tot is an inflatable cushion that allows your little ones to lay down flat on a regular, economy seat.

To celebrate their launch, Kindershare are offering the chance to win a brand new  Flytot until the end of June!

How can you win a Fly-Tot?
1. Go to the Kindershare website
2. Register with Kindershare
3. Click on the "win a fly tot" button on the homepage by 30 June 2017 and let them know in 25 words or less where the best place is to hear about new kids products.

Good luck!

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