Mother Artist Forum - Art of Falling; How is it possible to make work when there is no time?

  • Sun Aug 30 2015
  • Mums & Bubs
    Parents Only
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Join artist Lilly Blue as she and her panel of special guest mother artists continue to explore the big conversation of how to balance motherhood with a professional artistic practice.

Time becomes a major consideration and marked change in the life of an artist on becoming a mother. What if you make work even when there is no time – what does that look like? Is is tiny? What is the work? What do I as an artist make when I have no time to make anything given that I don’t stop being an artist even when I have no time to make anything?

The forum will look at energetic states of speed, compression and restriction and what is born of those states, and also at the ways having no time can be generous in creating an environment for making work that couldn’t happen otherwise in both personal practice and more broadly.

The forum will also explore the role the gallery or academy setting plays in responding to the conceptual duality of mother and artist.

Audience participation throughout the discussion will be highly encouraged.

This is a free event but RSVP is highly recommended.





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