Grab a Free Book with #KelloggsFreeBook Campaign

  • Wed Mar 16 2016
  • Parents Only
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Kelloggs has teamed up with the The Smith Family to help out with their amazing student2student reading program.

To get involved, all you have to do is buy 2 valid Kelloggs products (think snacks and cereals like Sultana Bran, LCM’s and Special K, to name a few) and you’ll receive a free Penguin Book, which you then have the option to GET for yourself, GIFT to a friend, or GIVE as a donation to the Smith Family.

There’s an estimated 638,000 children in Australia starting school at a disadvantage due to the reading gap between them and kids from families of higher economic statuses. This program is designed to help disadvantaged children find joy in reading, and gain the skills and confidence needed to help bridge this gap.

This incredible initiative has so far been hugely popular and seen over 10,000 free books be redeemed, as well as an additional 5,000 book donation by Kelloggs.

It runs until April 10, and can be entered online- just make sure you keep your receipts! Go to their website to redeem books now and help Australia’s children.

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