An Evening with BUZZ ALDRIN - Mission to Mars Hosted by Ray Martin

  • Fri Nov 27 2015
  • Family
  • $0.00

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On Friday 27 November, join legendary Apollo 11 Astronaut Buzz Aldrin on a journey through space history and into the future from Man’s first moon landing and his historic walk on another world to his revolutionary vision for a future manned mission to Mars.

Buzz Aldrin is a living legend of Space exploration. In Mission to Mars we take a journey with Buzz through space history and into the future, a future beyond planet Earth. We will relive his incredible missions from fighter pilot in Korea, his pioneering flight in Gemini 12,where he made the world’s first successful record-setting complex space walk EVA, Man’s historic Apollo 11 Moon landing and together with Neil Armstrong becoming the first two humans to set foot on another world.

Now Buzz is on a new mission, a mission to land humans on Mars by 2035 and he has a revolutionary plan to do it. Hosted by Australia’s most experienced journalist Ray Martin and using stunning images and footage from Buzz’s own personal library of material, this is an opportunity to see and learn about the future of space exploration from one of the greatest hero’s of our time.

When: Friday, 27 November – 1 night only
Cost: Tickets from $86.75 plus handling fees

Tickets ON SALE NOW.





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