Aladdin and His Wondrous Lamp at The State Theatre

  • Fri Jul 03 2015
  • Preschoolers
  • $0.00

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Footy Show larrikin, Beau Ryan will play the iconic role of the Genie of The Lamp for the Australian premiere of Aladdin and His Wondrous Lamp at The State Theatre July 3-12.

The Genie of The Lamp is the audience favourite. A happy go lucky character, full of life and bursting with positive energy, just like Beau. Having spent a majority of his early life (over 10,000 years) trapped within a lamp, the Genie tends to take advantage of his extremely rare moments of freedom by exploiting his incredible powers to entertain his new masters and acquaintances. He will also concoct humorous jokes for the amusement of both himself and those around him, just like Beau’s parody roles and regular features on YouTube with Justice Crew.


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