BrickTastics - Buy and Sell Preloved LEGO®

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Bricktastics is Australia's Largest online second hand LEGO Seller and Buyer. They specialise in creating LEGO creativity Packs for open ended creative play. They offer a professional and convenient service for buying peoples used LEGO collections, and offer a range of affordable and creative LEGO packs for people looking for a better way to buy their LEGO.

How To Sell or Donate Pre-Loved LEGO® to BrickTastics:

To find a new home for your LEGO® collection, complete this form on the BrickTastics website and either donate your pre loved lego or accept BrickTastics purchase offer. They will then call you to discuss payment and pick up! 

Purchase BrickTastics Lego Packs:

LEGO® Creativity Packs: Including 1kg of wheels and car bits, windows and doors, printed bricks, bricks, slopes, plates, hinges, connectors, cones and more.

LEGO® Minifigures Packs: Each pack is made like a lucky dip, they are handpicked and created to provide you the best value and maximum fun. 

LEGO® Parts Packs: Each LEGO® Part Packs is handpicked and contains more specific and hard to find items. 

BrickTastics also has a FREE online minifigure personality test! Take the test today and find out your minifigure personality!

For further information, visit the website