Little Monsters Swim School: Swim Lessons for Babies and Children, Ashfield

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Welcome to Little Monsters – a swim school for swimmers from 6 months to 6 years in Ashfield. They offer mums and bubs sessions and learn to swim classes Monday through Saturday.

Based in the Ashfield Baptist Homes facility, Little Monster’s is the ideal swim school for little ones as it offers small class sizes to ensure personal attention and accelerated learning. Read more about Little Monster’s Swim Program here.

The pool is heated to 32 degrees all year round. All Little Monster’s teachers are AUSTSWIM qualified.

Facilities also include a child friendly courtyard café serving hot food and drinks right next door to a safe enclosed children’s playground area that’s just perfect for mother’s groups. A free car park is also located within the facility.

To enrol your child go to the NEW SWIMMERS page on their website – or email [email protected]

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Jul 27 2016

Thanks for a great first lesson today! My nervous little guy came away walking on air and so did I. Annie did a great job of welcoming us and Amanda worked magic, engaging my son and gaining his trust in just a few minutes. My son's verdict: "I'm going to go there again and again and again, it was the best swimming ever"!



Jun 13 2016

I found Little Monsters via Ellaslist last year and I love it. i want to thank Dom and the team for accommodating many of my requests. Just another reason to add to the long list of why I love this swim school and recommend it to anyone who is asking about great swim schools.



Mar 18 2016

WE'd like to thank Little Monsters for being so accommodating. It really is a stand out feature of your swim school how personalised the service is - that they are really focused on helping the swimmers as much as possible and making decisions based on the capability of each child.


Rina Rathod

Aug 26 2015

Hi, would like to bring my son 5 yrs old to learn swimming. Kindly contact me on 0433780065. Thanks Rina


Happy Mum

Feb 25 2015

We've just come home from our ( i think ) third class with Iris. I wanted to express my sheer amazement for what Iris has done with my daughter in such little time! Just this class for the first time she floated on her back on her own for 10 counts, and also jumped off the wall and dog paddled underwater to an object. Two big firsts and I'm so proud and very happy. So thankyou and a very big thankyou to Iris who is amazing :) I will be singing Little Monsters praises :)



Dec 15 2014

We went to Fiji in November and I credit Little Monsters for the fact we had such a good time – they just loved being in the pool for 6 days straight!



Dec 15 2014

We are SOOOOO happy with the classes. Iris is absolutely amazing. Calm but assertive. The girls have come so far this year, she balances just the right amount of fun with pushing and testing them to progress. The difference even in the space of one lesson is noticeable. Thank you, we really appreciate it you guys.



Oct 24 2014

Thank you so much to Dom & his fabulous team! Watching my 2 year old son go from crying hysterically for 30 mins to having fun, learning & enjoying swimming is such a nice thing to watch. Dom your experience and way with children is amazing and I thank you very much!



Mar 20 2014

I took the children to the pool today. I couldn't believe 4yo just jumped in and swam to the edge! It was only a couple of metres but I would never have thought that she'd progress so much after only three lessons. Then the other twin did the same thing! She is a lot more nervous, but with encouragement (loud clapping and cheering - I did look slightly crazy!), she swam across as well. Even their younger brother seemed more adventurous when he saw that the girls had so much confidence. I can't thank you and Iris enough. I did almost cry, which I know is ridiculous, but it scares the life out of me to think that none of my kids can swim. I just can't believe the progress they've made in such a short time. I'm so pleased! Thanks to both of you for being so fantastic with the girls. Looking forward to seeing you and Iris tomorrow!



Feb 14 2014

We are loving the lessons. Our 12 month old boy just loves the water! It's great that the classes are small and personalised and the teaching is fantastic. I'm glad we chose to do our lessons with Little Monsters and I have been spreading the word to others.



Feb 03 2014

Hi Dom, You must have one of the best job's in the world and you so clearly enjoy yourself all the while. We got lots out of your class yesterday, thank you! It's really useful to understand why the babes are taught key skills in a certain way - crossing our hands during 'humpty dumpty' and encouraging them to spin back around to face the wall behind them and monkey, monkey etc. Also the long term goal to help them gain confidence floating on their backs and gently encouraging their head to tilt back so the ears are submerged. All good stuff, that we can put into practice when we're in the water. Cheers again and keep up the great work.


Amelia & Mark

Dec 12 2013

Little Monsters is a wonderful swim school. We have 3 boys enrolled and they couldn't be happier. We are astounded by their progress and at how comfortable they are in the water. They look forward to their lessons and think their teacher is a super hero. If you are looking for a swim school that is quiet and clean, for teachers who are inspiring, positive, patient, and caring, and a place you will feel welcome, then get in touch with Dom at Little Monsters. we feel very lucky to have found this place and hope you will too.



Oct 18 2013

My children are loving their swimming lessons with Dom. My daughter packs her bag sometime on the weekend (their lesson is on a Tuesday) and asks each day if it is 'swimmer pool' time yet. Thankyou!



Oct 16 2013

Thanks to everyone for the wonderful comments that have been left. Our team is enjoying providing swimming and water safety skills to all our little swimmers. If anyone has any questions please feel free to contact us via our website. Happy swimming!!!!!!!!!



Sep 27 2013

Would like to enroll my son twice a week for swimming lessons for afternoon



Sep 23 2013

Dom is so accommodating, the teachers are patient and fun, the pool is warm and clean, the lesson run on time, cafe on site is convient. A great experience. Thank you.



Sep 20 2013

My kids absolutely hated swimming until they started at Little Monsters. Now they love it! Thanks to Dom and Carol, the kids had a complete turn around. The pool is so small they feel completely safe and comfortable. I'm stoked as they are 3 and 4 yo and need to learn so at least now they go to swimming willing...with a smile on their faces! Thanks!



Mar 11 2013

Thanks to great teachers at Little Monsters Swim School my 5 year old boy who absolutely hated swimming and refused to swim elsewhere NOW CAN SWIMM FREESTYLE...really well. The size of the pool really worked in his favour as he felt comfortable - whereas he was intimated/scared at the bigger pools. The pool is warm. They only have one or two teachers at any one time. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!



Oct 20 2012

We are so lucky to have a wonderful swim school located so close to our home. My 11 month old and I have so much fun and our teacher Laura is wonderful with him and the other babies in our class. Its quiet and the pool is small so having the smaller class size makes it more enjoyable. The cafe in the same complex is also convenient so that us mums can catch up after the lesson!!



Oct 18 2012

After so many failed attempts at learning to swim we are so happy and excited by the approach of this swim school. Classes are small and tailored to each childs needs. Teaching staff are friendly and the environment is quiet and relaxed. After a week of intensive lessons I now have two children who can swim strokes and will continue to build on their technique through the term, they can't wait to get back into the pool each week. Thank you Little Monsters.



Oct 11 2012

We started swimming with Little Monsters Swim School this week and it's great. The water is warm. We live just around the corner and walk. Laura our swim teacher is so lovely and gentle with my little boy who was a little scared but now he wants to marry her!!!! Highly recommend it.



Sep 26 2012

WOW! I'm excited that this swim school has opened in Ashfield. My kids love their lessons. The pool is small so they feel really comfortable and the place is clean and quiet. They have a cafe so i have a coffee in the courtyard during their lesson. Thanks Little Monsters!!! ;o)