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If you want to move past the drop-in jump and learn some advanced jumping techniques and tricks, then you might want to enrol in Sky Zone’s Sky School in Miranda and Alexandria.

With Olympic Silver Medallist Ji Wallace as head coach, the course will run over the duration of the school term (starting and ending to coincide with school dates). The courses will follow a structured yet ever evolving program that will be tailored to the progression and skill level of attendees as each week passes.

Jump Stars (Beginner Course):

The Jump Stars course will cover off the basics of trampolining which includes:
- Straight jumps, pike positions, tuck positions, straddle positions and backdrops among many others
- Body awareness and control (stomach drops, how to stop, what to do with your head)

The Jump Stars program is designed to be very fast moving and will be complemented with relevant games to play while learning how to stay safe on a trampoline.

Flip Tastic (Intermediate Course):

Flip Tastic is our intermediate course and will teach techniques that will eventually lead into successful completion of a forward and backward somersault. Skills that will be taught will include:
- Rebounds, rollovers, crash dives, back overs, log rolls, front/back somersaults
- Learning to fall and getting yourself out of trouble
- How to stop at speed
- Routine construction

Trick Extreme (Advanced Course):

Trick Extreme will cater to those already familiar and comfortable on a trampoline and will focus on elevating their skill set to a higher level.
- Skills that will be taught will include:
- Somersaults (forward, backward and incorporating twists)
- Safely practising tricks in the foam pit
- Transitioning from foam pit to trampoline
- Wall Running/conquering The Wall

Sky School benefits

Increased coordination, body control and body awareness: As the course progresses, the skills, movements and combinations will advance making each session exciting and new.
Throughout, you will push yourself to learn new tricks, increase body control while jumping and have heightened awareness of your position when upside down.

Increased cardiovascular ability (fitness): During the 1 hour program attendees will go through a thorough warm up, a training session designed to push your skill and fitness level followed by a warm down. Your heart rate will be elevated throughout the entire session, you will sweat, you will laugh – you will progress!

Class Size: 6-10 people per session

Classes are held at both  Sky Zone Miranda and Sky Zone Alexandria.

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