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Kumon is a specialised program and way of teaching and guiding young students to fulfil their individual potential.

Kumon, a global provider of after-school maths, English and languages classes, has been teaching in Australia for over 30 years and there are around 80 centres in NSW supporting children from 3 years old through to the end of high school.

Kumon Instructors provide just enough guidance for their students to be able to do the exercises on their own. As a result, our students learn that they can do something if they try, build self-esteem, and develop the ability to take on new challenges for themselves.

Students are encouraged to develop advanced academic and self-learning ability by ensuring that they are always studying at a level that is “just right” for them. This is achieved through the four strengths of Kumon:

    1. Individualised Instruction

    2. Self-learning

    3. Small-step Worksheets

    4. Kumon Instructors

For more information, call 1800 458 666 or visit the website or click HERE to book your child into your nearest Kumon Centre.





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