Yamaha Music Education For Kids Music Education and Development

  • Tue Apr 26 - Sun Jun 26 2022
  • Preschoolers
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Yamaha Music Education offers rewarding and enjoyable music education in both group and private settings and cater for all levels of ability from beginners to advanced children. You and your child will explore music together through singing, movement and using instruments in age-appropriate activities.

Music wonderland (3 year olds)

Taught by highly qualified and trained Yamaha teachers, you and your child will explore music together through singing, movement and using the keyboard in age-appropriate activities. Your child will be taken on an exciting journey each lesson, where there will be dancing with animals, rowing boats, and flying kites. 

Junior Music Course (4-5 year olds)

Imagine your child embarking on an exciting musical adventure where they will get to ride a rollercoaster, fly on a spaceship into outer space, search for hidden treasure and so much more!

Kids will not only develop excellent keyboard playing skills but also strong skills in aural development (ear training), keyboard harmony (understanding how to add chords to a melody), ensemble playing (combining different musical parts to create a complete performance just like an orchestra), music appreciation and so much more!

Junior Fundamental Course (6-7 year olds)

The Junior Fundamental Course is a program that inspires the next generation, enabling your child to develop essential musical skills through a multifaceted approach. Think creative expression, endless imagination, and the opportunity to make friends in a fun and exciting way!  With a focus on keyboard performance and aural development, your child will encompass the necessary requirements to reach their full musical and academic potential. 

Yamaha Music Education
Enjoy private or group lessons in a warm and friendly environment with Yamaha Music Education.


Yamaha Guitar Course: (8+)

Whether yo're a beginner or an accomplished musician wanting to reach that next level, Yamaha Music Education has classes suitable for all levels of acoustic and electric guitar players

Yamaha Drum Course: (8+)

Suitable for all drumming styles, strike out on the drums and bang to the beat of your own tune with the Yamaha Drum Course! This program is designed for students 8 years and above who are looking to begin their exciting journey into the world of drums! Supported by the well-established Rockschool Curriculum, this exclusive course gives students the chance to learn and develop in an engaging and dynamic environment. 

Yamaha Private Piano Course: (8 +)

Master your sound and revel in the delight of learning the piano. The Yamaha Piano Course is a private lesson program that caters for anyone who is 8 years and above and at any stage of their musical development. Bringing the joy of music to all generations, the Yamaha Piano Course is designed to provide a structured and on-going music program for all. 

Yamaha Music Education
Experience the fun and wonderful word of music at Yamaha Music Education in 2022.

Where:   Carnegie, Glen Waverley, Kew, Lower Templestowe, Newport
When:     Term 2 - Tuesday 26 April to 26 June 2022
Cost:       Check website for details

For further information or to sign up, visit the Yamaha Music Education website today so you don't miss out!

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