Discover the Night Sky: Dark Energy at Scienceworks

  • Thu May 18 2017
  • Teens
  • $0.00

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Enjoy a special evening with the stars at the Melbourne Planetarium with Museums Victoria’s resident expert astronomer Dr Tanya Hill. 

“We don’t know what makes up 96 per cent of the Universe, but that’s where the fun begins. Given that we live on a tiny speck in space, it’s pretty amazing that we’re still able to learn so much about the Universe around us.”

Take your seat at the centre of the Universe for illuminating astronomy classes presented live in the dome, exploring different features of Melbourne's night sky and the incredible wonders of the cosmos. 

Ponder some of the most fundamental questions of our existence and the Universe in the relaxed immersive environment of the Planetarium.

Following the class, take the opportunity to meet Tanya as well as mingle with others. Continue the conversation while enjoying a complimentary glass of wine with cheese.

If weather permits, the evening ends with stargazing through telescopes on the Scienceworks arena.

Only a tiny fraction, just 4%, of the Universe is made of the stuff we understand – the atoms that make you and me. The rest we call dark matter and dark energy. What are these two enigmas and why must they exist?





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