You Can Sleep In A Slice Of Pizza

  • All Ages

By: Phoebe Ackland, ellaslist

Imagine slipping in between delicious cheese and tomato sheets, resting your head on a comfy crust pillow and snuggling for warmth against mushroom and broccoli toppings. The most delicious sleep of your life can now be had with these pizza sleeping bags....and no, they're not a joke. 

Source: Metro Facebook

It's Stolen A Pizza Our Heart

Available from Bfiberandcraft on Etsy, these patent-pending pizza sleeping bags are fleece lined for a warm night's sleep, hand-dyed, and come in Margarita flavour. Additional toppings including pepperoni, mushroom, olive, onion and broccoli can be purchased separately- why not get one of each and make your sleeping bag a full supreme?! We're glad this calorie-laden sleeping bag has brought Bfiberandcraft to our attention- it looks like they also create bacon scarves, onion ring pillows, and banana slice pillows. 

Good news! It ships to Australia and is available for AUD $262.70, so head online now for a home-delivery.