Why Are Parents Always Exhausted?

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By Phoebe Ackland, ellaslist

At ellaslist, we’ve noticed this absolutely bizarre trend of mums and dads always seeming to be tired. Upon recognising this unexplained phenomena, we did some research with the help of the Huffington Post, and worked out why you all have PLENTY of reasons to be exceptionally and constantly exhausted…

Zero Days Off

Yep, you heard it here first. From the moment that bub makes its way out, you are on call 24/7…..forever. Even if they’re with a nanny or a sitter, you’re still a parent, and that means there will always be something on your mind. While they’re very young it’s particularly difficult; even private trips to the bathroom become a family affair with children barging in, clinging to you, and reminding you that there is still parenting left to be done.

Cleaning, Cleaning, Cleaning

Even when the daily duties are done, the kids bathed, fed and asleep, you can’t help but notice the piles and piles of stuff lying around; the children’s dishes stacking by the sink, the paint stain on the floor from an arts and crafts afternoon..the list goes on. Even when it seems to all be over for the day, you’re bound to find something more.

Catching ZZZ’s

Mums definitely won’t be catching many of those. And it’s not just because babies don’t sleep through the night. If it’s not the constant worrying or the bewildering to-do lists keeping you awake, it’s the checking on children (making sure they’re breathing and then accidentally waking them and having to stay up half the night with them) or the visitors in the night who just want to be in the big bed, or are hungry, or thirsty, or want to play….at 4am.

Fitting It All In

Although parenting is even more than a full time job, many still hope to fit in other aspects of their lives to make sure social structures and extended families don’t crumble. Catching up with friends, and lugging the pram along is exhausting even to just think about, let alone trying to fit in spouse time, which can only occur late after the kids are snoring, and you’re too exhausted to speak anyways.

The Physical Stuff

Not only has your body been battered and bruised during childbirth, but now there’s kilos of baby fat to lug around on your hip, flying limbs to avoid when pulling on their little clothes, and of course, the stress and age lines and grey hairs that are now starting to appear, in force. Worrying and stress takes a massive physical toll on the body, not to mention the worrying-about-too-much-worrying we all fall into the cycle of. Next time you feel tired, just take a deep breath- and know that we get you!