Who Needs A Pram? How Cool Is The Unirider

  • Parents Only
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By: Phoebe Ackland, ellaslist

One parent, one child, one wheel! This cool new product is sure to make your boring old pram pale in comparison. They might be too little to last the whole way without a pram, but feel too big to be strapped in like a baby. The Unirider provides parents and their little ones an awesome best-of-both-worlds way to travel around town.

Source: mountainbuggies Youtube

A Real Solution To A Real Dad’s Problem

The Unirider is a pushable unicycle that will teach your child to balance whilst enjoying a truly adrenaline pumping ride. The Unirider was invented by a dad, Simon Langham, from the UK. He said: “Freddie reached the age of three, and he wasn’t at all keen on sitting in the pushchair for any length of time. Everyone ended up frustrated so it got me thinking. There had to be a clever solution to this problem. I had the idea that riding a single wheel could be fun, simple and speedy. So I spent a Saturday morning designing, drawing and inventing in our garage.”


You Need To Get One

The product was tested out by Mountain Buggy’s in-house creche, and is now a buyable product. It’s said to be lightweight and easy to assemble, with 12" tyres suitable for any kind of terrain for some seriously fun family adventures. It could be yours for just AUD $119.00, and is available to order via the mountain buggy website. If you happen to see a child and mother maniacally zooming through Sydney’s streets this weekend, you can bet they probably work at ellaslist.