Where To Get The Best Easter Eggs? Woolworths Specials vs Coles Specials Compared

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Christmas had barely ended when Easter eggs started appearing on shelves at Coles and Woolworths! As the Easter weekend draws closer, the hunt is on to find eggcellent goodies for the family.

For sweet treats that will get kids eggcited and deals that will keep your budget in check, we’ve compared Woolworths Easter eggs and Coles Easter eggs to ensure you know where to get the best specials in Sydney. So grab your basket and hop to it!

Where to get the best Easter eggs? Woolworths specials vs Coles specials compared
Stock up for your Easter egg hunt with the best specials at Woolworths and Coles

Verdict: Which supermarket has the best Easter eggs and specials?

A little healthy competition never hurt anyone, and the two main supermarket juggernauts have certainly come to the party this Easter. Both Woolworths and Coles have huge, albeit different, ranges of Easter eggs at great prices.

Most of Coles Easter eggs specials rely on purchases of two or more, but you do get more bang for your buck, while Woolworths has an arguably more exotic Easter egg collection with more modest savings on single items. So which supermarket comes out on top in the battle of the best Easter eggs and specials.

Coles specials: Best Easter eggs for 2021

Coles Easter Egg Specials
A huge range of Coles Easter eggs are on special now!


  1. The famous Cadbury Creme Egg, with its sweet, gooey centre covered in smooth milk chocolate, is on special at 50% off! Cost: $1

  2. The classic Cadbury Dairy Milk Easter Bunny is better than half-price with a saving of $2.30. Cost: $4.30

  3. With 15 milk chocolate hollow eggs, the Cadbury Dairy Milk Happy Easter Carton is a great deal saving $3.60. Cost: $5.40

  4. The special edition M&Ms Crispy Speckled Eggs Pouch, full of colourful, crunchy eggs, is on special at half price. Cost: $7.50

  5. Perfect for a mega Easter egg hunt, buy two Cadbury Ultimate Easter Share Packs, filled with mini Caramello, Cadbury Creme, Crunchie and Dairy Milk eggs and marshmallow bunnies and save $6. Cost: Two for $10

  6. Purchase two of the super cute Roald Dahl Eggs and you’ll save a whopping $8. Cost: Two for $10

  7. Purchase any two of the gorgeous 200g Lindt Gold Bunnies and save a very generous $8. Cost: Two for $16

  8. Already a ‘value’ option, the Lindt Lindor Mini Eggs Value Bag is also on special at half price when you buy two, making it an extra good deal with a saving of $20. However, Woolworths have a slightly smaller, singular Lindt Lindor Mini Eggs bag for a comparable $8. Cost: Two for $20

  9. A Coles exclusive, the Lindt Easter Medley Bag has a huge assortment of eggs, bunnies, bugs and bees to share, with a massive half-price saving. Cost: Two for $30

  10. Better than half-price, the Lindt Easter Maxi Carrot is chock full of Lindt Easter chocolate bunnies and carrots with a saving of $34 when you take two, making it the most impressive of the Coles specials. Cost: Two for $32

Woolworths specials: Best Easter eggs for 2021

Woolworths M&M's Shaky Egg With Minis Gift Box
Kids will love these Woolworths Easter eggs - and they're on special!


  1. Once again, the beloved Cadbury Creme Egg is also on special at Woolworths for half price, matching the Coles bargain - though here you don't have to buy more than one to save! Cost: $1

  2. The range of Darrell Lea 100g easter eggs have been slashed with a saving of $1.50 across its fun flavours, including the Darrell Lea Rocklea Road Chocolate Egg. Cost: $2.50

  3. The sweet little 100g milk chocolate Lindt Gold Bunny, plus the white, dark and hazelnut versions, is on special with $2 off at Woolworths, just slightly cheaper than the 2 for $11 deal at Coles. Cost: $5

  4. Save $3 on the delicious milk chocolate Cadbury Crunchie Easter Bunny with golden honeycomb pieces, which is a much better value find than Coles similar Cadbury Crunchie Bumper Bunny. Cost: $5

  5. Get 11 hollow chocolate eggs in a cute carry case and save $4 when you put the Cadbury Dairy Milk Easter Egg Hunt Bucket in your trolley. Cost: $6

  6. The adorable M&M's Shaky Egg With Minis Gift Box contains six chocolate eggs filled with mini M&M's with a saving of $4. Cost: $8

  7. An Easter egg hunt staple, the Cadbury Dairy Milk Egg Crate full of chocolate Easter eggs have had an everyday price drop of 25%. Coles also has a 10-egg version on special for $4.50. Cost: $9

  8. Get 25% off the jumbo 800g Cadbury Eggcellent Easter Assortment Gift Box, full of milk, dark and white Easter chocolates. Cost: $15

  9. Putting a special Easter spin on a classic gift, the Cadbury Favourites With Caramilk Eggs Easter Edition adds mini eggs to its min chocolate-bar collection with a saving of $10. Cost: $20

  10. One of our favourite Woolworths specials, the Lindt Easter Selection Gift Box is a beautifully presented lux assortment of LINDOR balls, eggs and gold bunnies with a big saving of $10. Cost: $20

Supermarket Easter Opening Hours

If you’re prone to leaving your Easter egg shopping to the last minute, make sure you don’t miss out and pencil these supermarket Easter opening hours into your diary!

Coles Easter hours

Coles stores will be open on Good Friday for reduced hours and throughout the long weekend, but please check your local Coles supermarket before visiting for Coles Easter hours.

Woolworths Easter hours

Most Woolworths stores will also be open throughout the Easter long weekend, however for Woolworths Easter hours you are advised to check your local Woolworths supermarket before you go.

PLEASE NOTE: Prices are correct at the time of publication. Please refer to Coles and Woolworths for their latest specials.

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