What Does A Post-lockdown Kids Birthday Party Look Like?

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With so many fun ways to celebrate kids birthdays in lockdown, the thought of hosting an actual party, with real-life people, could be daunting, especially as we still grapple with changing rules.

With restrictions starting to ease, we’re caught somewhere between where we were and where we want to be, and can now host a small number of guests while still practising social distancing. Here's how:

The Inside Story

At the moment, you can invite up to 20 people to your house at any one time. Totally enough for a party, right? However, you might want to enforce some house rules, like regular handwashing, especially before and after eating, after going to the toilet, and after they blow their nose, cough or sneeze. Cleaning and disinfecting your home as you go is also a good idea, especially those frequently touched surfaces.

Outdoor birthday party

If you prefer to keep the party small then this could be perfect for a slumber party (yes, sleepovers are allowed), so a night of pizza, popcorn and a movie could be a winner! If it’s not too nippy you could try a backyard cinema, projecting their favourite flick onto a wall or sheet. Spread out some sleeping bags, and add some fairy lights and cosy blankets for some birthday magic with lots of fresh air.

There's no daily limit to how many visitors you have over, as long as it doesn't exceed more than 20 visitors at a time. You can always overcompensate with copious amounts of balloons, decorations and party hats!


Take It Outside

For a party with lots of room to social-distance, you can take it outdoors, again with up to 20 people. Parks and playgrounds are now open, as are skate parks and bike tracks. Picnics are also allowed.

Of course, you need to proceed with caution in any public place. Take hand sanitiser and make sure guests play safely within a safe distance from others and wash their hands before and after using any play equipment.

Safety First

Whether at home or outside, remember to maintain physical distancing, practice good hygiene and advise guests to stay home if they're unwell. 

A safe distance of 1.5 metres is still the norm, and it is best to avoid physical contact play. Opt for games where kids can keep a safe distance like a ninja warrior course, charades, a dance party or a neighbourhood bike ride!

Platters and shared foods are a no-no, so serve up individual meals and clearly labelled cups, and ensure there’s plenty of space to eat.

Sadly, birthday hugs and kisses, and even handshakes, are not advised, so you’ll need to take a raincheck on the celebratory love. 

Let Me Entertain You

If you need to outsource the entertainment, try some of the best entertainers around who will bring the party to you! Fly By Fun specialise in bringing the most popular superheroes and characters to life with loads of games and activities.

Fly By Fun

How To Handle The Candles

This TikTok birthday cake hack video went viral showing how to safely blow out candles without spreading germs. If you keep the plastic casing over a store-bought cake, you can stick the candles on top. Genius!

Other methods include snuffing them out with wet fingers or fanning the flames! If you want to avoid candles altogether, use sparklers instead.

Birthday candles

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