We WOWed Our Birthday Boy And His Friends With A NUBO Birthday Party

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“Kids love to play” must be the biggest understatement ever spoken. Once they start moving, they don’t stop. 

They’re not crawling; they’re scavenging the floor for forbidden treasures. They’re not walking; they’re navigating uncharted new land and going on bear hunts. They’re not jumping; they’re trying not to fall into the lava. They’re not running; they’re chasing away monsters after escaping from the giant robot while he’s sleeping. 

They play all day, try on different hats and exercise their imagination. I know for a fact that NUBO get this, and as a result created a play centre that had only existed in our imagination. 

So for our Mr H, who has just started to navigate uncharted land and go on bear hunts, it was the perfect venue to celebrate his 2nd birthday party. 

The WOW Factor

NUBO have two centres: the original in Alexandria and the recently opened venue in Chatswood. We chose the Alexandria venue simply because of the closer proximity to home, and it did not disappoint. Although the venue is located in a largely industrial area, the NUBO Alexandria centre has got the WOW factor on arrival. 


Wrapped with floor to ceiling windows that feel 100ft high, the super clean and beautiful Scandi-designed centre is showered with sunshine and light. 

Most of our birthday guests had never been to NUBO before (including Mr H!), so you could actually hear the “wows” and see the awe on their little faces as we opened the doors to enter. As soon as shoes were off and the supplied grip socks were on, there was no holding them back - they were off to play! 


A World Of Pure Imagination

Our guests were able to explore every nook of NUBO, where every play space is designed for kids’ pure enjoyment.


The age of our guests ranged from 1 to 9 years old, so it’s safe to say we enjoyed the full suite of play available. We swam in the ball pit, joined in for Storytime in the library (where we went on a bear hunt!), peeked in on a craft masterclass happening in the creative workshop, experimented with different-shaped magnets and blocks in the Imaginarium, climbed the high ropes and tunneled down all the slides.

The NUBO Party Room

Once our party room was ready, the NUBO team made an announcement so our guests knew they could head up to the party room for some yummy snacks and cake time. 


We were once again wowed by the dreamy setup of the party room, which is located one level up and looks down over the main play space - just like in the clouds, which is what NUBO means! Just in case you didn’t get my reference... 


The kids inhaled the delicious sandwiches, pizza and fruit; everything perfectly catered to their tastes.

As soon as the cake was cut and devoured, there was no holding them back - and once again, they were off! 


Every energetic little explorer was eager to get back out there and continue doing what they do best: PLAY.

NUBO encouraged and inspired their imaginations to run wild; so they scavenged, navigated, hunted, wandered and voyaged all through Mr H’s birthday party. 

It was the perfect play centre for our birthday boy, who loved all the wooden toys and exploring new experiences in a calm and safe environment. Yup, you heard me correctly, NUBO is a calm and peaceful play centre. Told you, it’s totally WOW. 

Handy Tips & Details

  • NUBO’s birthday party offer is a fantastic, stress-free venue hire option: let them take care of the setup, food, decorations and clean-up! 

  • NEW: NUBO’s Master Baker can make your birthday cake! There is a range of flavours to choose from so you can customise your perfect cake. Check out Creations By Rodanthi for inspiration.  

  • See Alexandria’s birthday party packages HERE

  • See Chatswood’s  birthday party packages HERE

  • Both venues have an Exclusive Party option, so have the whole place to yourself for your event!


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