We have a new food pyramid to follow

How much fruit and veggies are your kids eating? They probably should be eating more!
And it’s a big NO to chocolate bribery, fairy bread and lollies. The new food pyramid gives mums a nutrition shake-up.

Nutrition experts are celebrating across the country! The food pyramid has been updated for the first time in 15 years!

Nutrition Australia have given the food pyramid a makeover to do their bit in helping to battle obesity (65 per cent of adult Australians over the age of 18 are now classified as overweight or obese).

The main changes are:

1) Fruit and Vegetables rule!
The bottom layer of the pyramid is now packed with fruit, veggies and legumes. The recommended number of servings is 5 veggies and 2 fruits daily (kids under the age of 8 need to eat slightly less). Although studies have show that eating 10-13 servings a day help to combat cancer, heart disease and diabetes.

2) Grains have been demoted!
In the previous version of the pyramid, grains shared the lower level with fruit and vegetables. Grains have now been moved up a level. This level also includes more nutrient-rich grains such as quinoa and cous cous. 70% of what we eat should come from the fruit, vegetables and grain layers.

3) Margarine is banished!
The only healthy fats that now appear in the very top level are olive oil and other plant and seed based oils. Margarine and reduced fat spreads have been removed.

4) Eat Moderately Layer
Dairy and proteins make up the two middle layers. This is split into the milk, cheese, yoghurt & alternatives and the lean meat, poultry, fish, eggs, nuts, seeds, legumes food groups.

5) No no no no no no to junk food!
In previous pyramid versions, sugar made an appearance in the upper levels as a treat food. Now, it has been completely removed from the pyramid. This promotes the message to choose whole foods and minimally-processed foods and drinks which have limited or no added sugars or salt.

6) Add some spice to your life
For the first time, herbs and spices make an appearance on the food pyramid.
According to Nutrition Australia, ‘Cooking with fresh, dried or ground herbs and spices is an easy way to create foods that suit your tastes, and increase your enjoyment of home-made meals without needing to use salt when cooking or eating.’

7) Glug glug
Water has also won a spot in the pyramid. We are encouraged to drink water as our main drink, and avoid sugary options such as soft drinks, sports drinks and energy drinks.

We found it quite interesting looking at pyramids from years gone by. It’s ironic that sugar played a relatively large role in the pyramids from decades ago, in comparison to the present day pyramid. While the sweet stuff has been eradicated from this year’s pyramid, it seems that our kids probably consume more sugar/fast food/bad oils than ever. At least we’re aware of it and there are so many more ways for our kids to eat healthy. It just takes a bit of effort.

Take a tour with us below.