Top Gifts For Kids Under 5

By: Ayesha Khan, ellaslist

Top Gifts For Kids Under 5

Christmas is (almost) around the corner! It's the time the kids have been waiting for. Letters to Santa have been posted and the countdown to the gift unwrapping has begun. Now only if you knew exactly what to get for the little ones. Here's a list to help you get going and make the gift hunting a little easier. 

Age 0 – 1

1) Playgro Music and Lights Comfy Car

Beep, Beep! There’s a new rider in town…

Cruise around in the playgro music and lights comfy car. This adorable plush car is the perfect place for the bub to practice sitting up or for older babies to sit up and play in. Babies will love exploring the detachable driver toy which includes loads of fun music and lights features including horn beeping, indicator clicking and the rattling and spinning of balls. This adorable car also comes with baby's very own side mirror to help them learn about reflections and encourage imaginative play. Cruise control on!

Suitable for babies 4 months and above.

The Playgro Music and Lights Comfy Car retails for $90 and is available from all major toy retailers.

2) Fisher Price Discover 'n' Grow Kick & Play Piano Baby Activity Gym

Babies will love this super interactive Piano Gym. Start off easy and have them lay down and kick to activate the piano and bat at the dangling toys. Once they master how to sit, they can sit on the mat and play the piano using their hands and play with the toys around them.

This baby gym is re-positionable in each of its three modes of play.  Baby kicks. Music plays. Lights Sparkly. And that's just the beginning. Movable toys on the overhead gym encourage baby to bat and grasp. Move the arch down for tummy time play or let baby sit and entertain you with a piano concert!

Suitable from birth onwards. 

Fisher Price Discover 'n' Grow Kick & Play Piano Baby Activity Gym retails for $65 and is available through Crazysales

3) Vtech Sit To Stand Music Centre

Show your talent - let's sing and dance together! This super cool sit to stand mic stand lets the baby play with the activity panel on the floor, then stand up and dance along as mum and dad sing along!

Suitable from 6 months onwards

Vtech Sit To Stand Music Centre retails for $35 and is available from all major retailers.

Age 1-2

1) Speedster Fire Engine

Ahoy Fire Chief! Your little hero will be saving the day in no time with this classic metal ride on fire engine. The Speedster features a sleek, retro design complete with bell and pretend ladders! Easy to manoeuvre and fantastic for indoor play.

Suitable for ages 1 and above.

The Speedster Fire Engine retails for $200 and is available from Kidstuff.

2) VTech Smart Shots Sports Centre

Something special just for our tiniest sports fanatics. The little ones can engage in fun sports right at home using the Vtech Smart Shots Sports Centre, which features a soccer net and a basketball hoop. The little athletes can toss the basketball through the hoop as the LED screen counts the number of baskets while displaying exciting animations. A variety of colorful buttons help teach shapes and numbers while playing fun sounds that are sure to keep playtime going for hours.

Suitable for 18 months onwards

The VTech Smart Shots Sports Centre retails for $70 and is available from all major toy retailers.

3) Vtech Doc's Talk & Trace Clipboard

The Doc is in! Little girls will enjoy learning with the Doc Mcstuffins’Talk & Trace Clipboard. This electronic clipboard has 4 learning activities and 15 playful melodies. Three detachable stencils paired with letter recognition technology teach letters, numbers, early writing skills and health topics. Plus, Doc McStuffins joins the learning fun by providing encouraging messages! Character sounds and music respond to drawing action to keep your child engaged. Plays 30+ melodies and engaging sounds to enhance drawing and learning fun

Suitable for 18 months onwards.

Vtech Doc's Talk & Trace Clipboard retails for $73 and is available from eBay.

Age 3-5 

1) My Little Pony - Twisty Twirly Hairstyles - Rarity

Inspired by the My Little Pony Friendship is Magic television series, Rarity is going to the Grand Galloping Gala and wants her hair to look perfect. Little girls can help style Rarity pony’s hair for the best night ever! Curl and twist the hair. There are so many possibilities.

Suitable for 3 Years Plus

Retails for $20 and is available from Onlinetoys

2) Hopper Ball - Marvel Avengers

Get active and enjoy bouncing around the home - Marvel Avengers-style - with this awesome hopper ball featuring your favourite Marvel Avengers! The Marvel Avengers Hopper Ball also features a Grab 'n Grip handle and can be easily deflated for easy storage.

Suitable for 4 Years Plus

Retails for $18 and is available from Online Toys

3) BRIO Rail & Road Quarry Set

Lift and load! Calling all tiny train lovers…The BRIO Rail & Road Quarry Set is packed with lots of play, including two trucks and a train pulling a crane wagon that can lift loads on and off the track. Take the rock loads off the train and load them onto the trucks for a safe road transportation to the end destination.

Suitable for 3 Years Plus

BRIO Rail & Road Quarry Set retails for $90 and is available from Toys r us.