The New Lindt Koala Will Help Raise Funds for the Australian Koala Foundation

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The sweet taste of chocolate just got a little sweeter thanks to Lindt releasing a limited editition koala-shape chocolate. 

Replacing the Easter bunnies, the Lindt koala has been released to raise funds for the Austrlaian Koala Foundation.

For every koala purchased, $1 gioes to AKF who will then match it dollar for dollar. 

It'll all go towards the new 'Koala Kiss Project', which is about regenerating landscape across Australia that's koala-friendly. 

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Lindt Koala
Koalas for our native koalas. Image supplied

"The Lindt koala is more than just chocolate. We want our Lindt koala to raise awareness and educate the community of the important role the Australian Koala Foundation plays in the long-term survival of our beloved native animal," said Lindt Australia CEO Michael Schai.

"If we achieve contiguous habitat across the entire stretch of the koala range, then all creatures great and small could traverse through the bush unthreatened. With over 30 years of research behind the Koala Habitat Map, AKF's next grand vision could redirect the fate of the koala," added Deborah Tabart OAM, Chair of Australian Koala Foundation. "Lindt's support will help kickstart those efforts, with an ultimate vision to save the koala with 'kisses' through chocolate."

Lindt's chocolate koalas are available to purchase for $6.25 at Lindt stores and via the Lindt website for a limited time.

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