The Naughty List: The Names of the Naughtiest Kids Have Been Revealed

  • All Ages

By: Phoebe Ackland, ellaslist

If your child's cheeky misbehaviour and wild antics didn't come from your husband, and they certainly didn't come from you....then it might come from what you named them!

School Stickers is an online reward tracking system used by primary schools, and their database of more than 59,000 students has revealed the names of children who received the most, and the least, stickers. According to them, the naughtiest kids are called:

Bad Little Boys

  • Joseph
  • Cameron
  • William
  • Jake
  • Joshua
  • Jamie
  • Lewis
  • Benjamin
  • Ethan

Cheeky Little Girls

  • Ella
  • Bethany
  • Eleanor
  • Olivia
  • Laura
  • Holly
  • Courtney
  • Amber
  • Caitlin

Teacher's Pets

On the flipside, the names of the most well-behaved girls who received the most stickers were Amy, Georgia, Emma, Charlotte, Grace, Sophie, Abigail, Hannah, Emily, Alice. The boys that proved to be the biggest teacher's pets are: Jacob, Daniel, Thomas, James, Adam, Harry, Samuel, Jack, Oliver, Ryan.

If you're searching for a baby name, we suggest that you avoid Ella and Joseph at all costs. 

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