The Mad Hatter❜s Tea Party At The Royal Botanic Garden Sydney

  • Parents Only

By: Alex Harmon, ellaslist

Go down the rabbit hole and live out your childhood Lewis Carroll fantasies in a stunning, immersive environment. Beyond Cinema presents the Mad Hatter’s Tea Party - a one off event at the Royal Botanic Gardens Sydney. Discover a new world through the looking glass in an experience that transcends boundaries and your wildest imagination.  

Join The Mad Hatter at his elusive tea party where you can expect traditional English afternoon tea or for the more seasoned explorer you can choose The Mad Hatter Punch Party with plenty of bottomless potions available. "Drink me." Ok! 

Curious And Curiouser?

On the menu is finger sandwiches, including egg mayonnaise, roast vegetable corned beef, mustard pickle smoked salmon and cucumber. There will also be tarts, cheeses and meats as well as sweet treats like scones, cupcakes and brownies. 

Fancy dress is, of course, mandatory and you will be assigned a character to embody once you purchase your ticket. How fun!

"Alice was beginning to get very tired of sitting by her sister on the bank, and of having nothing to do." She should have booked tickets to this! Sign up for pre-release tickets here. The tea party is on in June but will sell out fast!

All The Details

: Botanic Gardens Restaurant. Mrs Macquaries Road Sydney, NSW 2000
Tickets: $83pp includes high tea and a glass of champagne. Head here for pre-release