The Disney Dress Shop For Adults Is A Fantasy Come True

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By: Alex Harmon, ellaslist

Ever watched a Disney movie and thought the charachers have so much style? Well, you can now dress like your favourite Disney princess without having to wait until you get invited to a fancy dress party.

Where Can I Find These Delicious Dresses?


Disney Parks Merchandise has created a new collection of apparel found at Walt Disney World in Orlando.

The world-first boutique is called “The Dress Shop” and stocks items known as “DisneyBounding,” which is where adults dress as a “modern version” of a Disney character, instead of wearing the character costume. That's right, this is less about dressing up like Minnie Mouse and more about wearing stylish dresses with Disney-esque tones. 


Think apple print dresses inspired by Snow White or outfits celebrating Disney rides like the Haunted Mansion or a purse with a rabbit tale in a nod to Alice in Wonderland. 

Take a look inside here:

How Much And How Can I Get One?

Prices for the dresses range between $US100-160 and you can view the collection via the Shop Disney Parks app or Disney Parks online store but as you'd expect the cost of shipping to Australia is extortionate. Perhaps it's about time to plan that family trip to Disney World, am I right?

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