The Aldi All-In-One Thermal Cooker: How Does It Compare To The Thermomix?

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Nobody does an affordable replica like Aldi, but as the old saying goes, you get what you pay for. So do their products meet the standards of the more expensive equivalents? When it comes to the all-in-one kitchen machine, the proof is in the pudding.

These clever contraptions offer slow-cooking, food processing, steaming and mixing all in one appliance, whipping up everything from homemade bread to ice cream in their stainless steel bowls, while having the practical advantage of saving storage and bench space. Thermomix is the most recognised brand in the thermal machine category, with a whopping big price tag to match, but there are several cheaper offerings on the market.

Australia’s leading consumer advocacy group, CHOICE, previously put Aldi’s Mistral Thermal Cooker to the test, comparing it to several in-class appliances. Following its re-release as a Special Buy last month, CHOICE has got the inside scoop on the latest model.

With all your go-to gadgets in one cooking machine, the Aldi version combines eight appliances with 10 different speeds, to blend, chop, steam, stew, mix, knead, fry and crush ice! It also has in-built scales and an 800w motor.

At $299, this budget version offers eye-watering savings when compared to the Thermomix, which typically retails for over $2,000. It also comes with a three-year warranty - 12 months more than its premium counterpart.

Aldi Thermo Cooker

However, the CHOICE review cooked up mixed results, praising the Mistral Thermal Cooker as 'excellent' for making risotto and sorbet and ‘good’ for nut-butters and smoothies, but ultimately 'only OK' overall, with safety issues letting it down. It also lost points for noisy operation, inaccurate measuring implements and the need to alter included recipes.

According to the experts, the more expensive brands do a better job of delivering instructions and recipes, which are crucial for these fancy, newfangled appliances, especially if you're a first-timer.

The Thermomix costs a bomb, but gives you more for your money, replacing more than 20 appliances, a dozen more than the Aldi model. It also offers touchscreen cooking, Wi-Fi connectivity and 120 pre-programmed recipes. It has maintained a faithful following, despite also suffering safety issues, and is lauded as a time-saving, miracle-worker for everyday cooking.

CHOICE kitchen specialist Fiona Mair says: "If you're considering buying an all-in-one machine to replace most of your kitchen appliances, my advice would be to choose a brand that has excellent instructions with basic recipes, plus continued support and updates."

That said, most people will be driven by the price because the difference is huge. Splurge on the real deal, or take the copycat - and a holiday? The choice is yours!

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