Taronga Zoo❜s Giraffes To Receive New African Savannah Home

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By: Alex Harmon, ellaslist

There's Gracelands, there's number 10 Downing Street - and then there's the giraffe residence at Taronga Zoo. We're talking iconic residences.

Well, it seems the giraffes have been watching too much Grand Designs because they've decided their home needs a bit of an upgrade. A $50m African Savannah kind of upgrade. No expense spared for our long limbed friends! 

For the first time since 1926, the giraffes will vacate their harbour view residence to make way for the renos. 

“It’s only a temporary move,” Environment Minister Gabriel Upton said.

“While they take a break from their excellent view, the Zoo will be creating two new precincts: the African Savannah and the Congo Forest."

Ms Upton said the African Savannah precinct will be a multi-species habitat, bringing together a Lion breeding facility, and expanded savannah for Giraffes, Zebras and Fennec Foxes, as well as a specialised Meerkat and encounter space.

Chasing Waterfalls

The Congo Forest will be a lush forest exhibit for the Taronga’s Gorilla family complete with streams and waterfalls, she said.

“The Giraffes make a short move down Giraffes Road from tomorrow,” she said on Monday.

“When the Giraffes return in late 2019, they and the other Savannah species will enjoy Sydney Harbour views from their respective habitats.

“Its also a boon for photographers, who will get stunning shots of not only Giraffes against the Sydney Harbour backdrop, but also a pride of Lions.

The two new precincts will also have strong focus on wildlife conservation education and are expected to draw more tourists to the zoo, the member for North Shore, Felicity Wilson said.

“There is no doubt that I am proud to have one of Australia’s best tourist attractions in my local area,” she said.

Open For Business

Development of the African Savannah precinct begins after the Giraffes are moved and is expected to be open from December 2019.

The Congo Forest Precinct will commence development from mid-2021 and conclude and open from mid-2023.


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