Talkin❜ Toys: The Coolest Toys For Christmas 2017

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By: Alex Harmon, ellaslist

Santa's elves are busy in their workshops, creating the best new toys for Christmas this year. We got a sneak peak into the latest and greatest toys to come down the chimney in December 2017!


Port A Ball

Is your child a soccer-obssesed to the point where everywhere you go is a playing field? My son loves the Port A Ball which fits compactly into his pocket while we're on the go and can be easily inflated using a special valve to become an ultra lightweight soccer ball. When it's time to go it can be swiftly deflated in 3 seconds flat. Our 3 year old tester was hesitant to deflate it, as he has busted many a soccer ball over the years but was pleasantly surprised with how easy it was to transform into a ball again - and doesn't give mum and dad the head spins! RRP $10.95


Googly Eyes

This is a board game the whole family will love. Think Pictionary with beer goggles on. Each player takes turn wearing the whacky vision-altering glasses to draw various challenges for their team who must guess what is being drawn. Of course your kids won't know what beer goggles are - our kids referred to the view as "seeing rainbows" (ah, the innocence of youth!). It's hilarious trying to work out the pictures the kids draw, we were rolling around on the floor with laughter at some of the guesses! Age 7+, RRP $39.95 


Rubik's Race

It's the Rubik's cube for the modern day, collaborative and competitive child. Our 9 year old tester was keen to check it out after becoming fascinated with an old Rubiks cube of her mum's. This, however, is a 2 player game which involves shaking a mini set of squares into a pattern then going head to head to match the colour formation by sliding the squares around in your frame. When you match the squares your winner slams down the top to win. The game involves concentration, speed and forward-thinking, yet is easy to set up and understand. As it's so light, it's a great game for travelling and makes an excellent stocking filler! Next stop - conquering the cube! 8+, RRP $29.95



Zoom Ball Hydro

It wouldn't be Summer without a backyard game involving water! The Zoom Ball Hydro is a good old fashioned water balloon fight with a modern twist. All you need is a friend and some water for hours of wet and wild fun. Simply place the water balloon inside of the ball, grab the handles and pull your hands apart to send the zoom ball soaring to your friend. We tried it out with two 8 year old boys who squealed with delight at the suspense of the balloon bursting. It was a little tough on their arms, so best to have an adult or older child playing too, so that the full force of the zoom can be achieved! Age 8+, RRP $20. 


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