Stubborn Children Are Going To Be Rich!

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By: Phoebe Ackland, ellaslist

Results of a 40-year study are in, and it turns out those pesky temper tantrums and sheer unwillingness to do what they are asked could mean that your little ones have a wealthy future in store.

The American Psychological Association was responsible for the study, which evaluated children between 8-12 years of age on personality traits including defiance, entitlement, and academic conscientiousness. Forty years later, they checked back in with those kids, and the results were quite something. Apparently, rule-breaking and defying authority is a good indicator (other than cognitive ability) that your child is going to fall into a high-income job as an adult.

The Reason Why Is Still Uncertain

The reason why this link exists between stubborn kids and wealth remains unclear but is has been theorised that it could come down to determination, competitiveness in the classroom and beyond leading to better grades and results, and even fighting for a better salary in later life. So maybe, when you have yet another head-clash with an overly-assertive toddler, you might want to give them a pat on the back rather than a punishment. 

Here are some more reasons why having a stubborn kid could be a blessing in disguise:

They'll Get The Job Done: A stubborn child often means a child with a heck of a lot of perseverance. They will likely not quit until they get the job done just so.

They Won't Be Pushed Around: Even thought most parents wouldn't mind being able to manipulate a child with ease come time for bed, stubborn kids are less likely to be bullied. They are likely to stand up for themselves, and defy that kid in the playground that's too big for their boots.

Their Bosses Will Likely Be Happy: Stubborn kids often go on to have great work ethic, meaning they'll have an easier time finding employment, with the grit to hunt around until they find the right job.

They Could Be An Olympic Athlete: Stubborn kids are likely to transfer that determination and strong-will onto the court or field. They will work hard to master skills or improve at what they're finding difficult, and a stubborn child's natural competitiveness will transfer perfectly over to the world of sport. 

School Work: Unless they are being stubborn and refusing to do school work altogether (hopefully not!), stubborn kids are likely to try and try again until they learn something, and will often be high achievers in the classroom. 

How To Negotiate With A Stubborn Kid

Parenting shared some awesome tips on how to sneakily influence your strong-willed little ones.

When you just can't get your child to do chores or pick up their toys, try this: Stubborn kids love games and a good challenge- so tell them to try and pick up as many toys as he can in 5 minutes, and the next time, challenge him to beat his score. OR, instead of pitching chores as, well, chores, ask for help. "Will you be my special helper today? You are just so excellent at setting the table, etc". This might help change their feelings about chores. 

When they just won't get into or out of the bathtub: Play some calming music to subliminally change their mood! It will help relax stubborn kids who often have trouble relaxing. OR, try this clever technique. It's called the 'yes' game- ask your child three yes questions in a row "are you having fun in the bath?", "it would be fun to bring your swimming goggles in next time, wouldn't it?" etc. This will help wear down their resistance and make them feel heard and more likely to negotiate. 

When they just won't eat their veggies/dinner: Parenting suggests to serve up whatever dinner you're supplying, but in very small portions, and ask your child what they want to eat first. OR, serve it up, but don't mention it- don't tell them to eat it or just take a bite. Stubborn kids will be waiting for a fight, so don't begin one.

When they just won't do their homework: First of all, make sure it's not a matter of them being overwhelmed by their work! If it's not, then try to make the homework experience more exciting- would they maybe do their reading if it's in a tent, with a flashlight? OR, make yourself scarce during homework time so battles and winging aren't options. Tell them that if they have a question, they can come to you, not vice versa. 

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