Start Lining Up...Aldi❜s Massive Snow Gear Sale Is Coming This Weekend

  • All Ages

By: Phoebe Ackland, ellaslist

Aldi's annual winter ski sale, their biggest day of the year, is coming this Saturday 20 May! 

The cold weather is now upon us, and as winter snow getaways appear on the horizon, Aldi prepares for snowstorms of bargain hunters hungry to snap up bargain snow gear. Not only is the 2017 line highly functional and comfortable, but it's neutral colour palette is easy on the eye with plenty of greys, blacks, some attractive detailing in ice blues and purples, and brighter colours for the kid's stuff, too. 

It's Aldi's Most Awesome Range Yet

This annual sale has fast become a tradition since its inauguration in 2008, and Aldi told that it outweighs the anticipation and excitement of both the Easter and Christmas store launches. Shelves will be stocked with "high-quality" ski thermals for under $40, goggles, gloves, beanies, bandanas, helmets, scarves, jackets for between $50 and $120, pants, snow sleds, ski travel bags, a kid's range, and just about everything else, for seriously discounted prices. If you're into your snow gear, you'd know that jackets come at a minimum of around the $200 mark- so finding one for just $59.99 (pictured) that is waterproof to 8000mm, wind resistant and breathable, is simply unheard of. The line's 'premium' men's and lady's jackets are set to sell for $119.99, are super waterproof, light and breathable, and 3-layered. Products start from as little as $6.99 for kid's beanies and knitted scarves. 


It's The Perfect Time To Become A Snow Bunny

Families that might only head to the snow once a year, with this sale, can now justify the journey. This bargain gear removes the need for big dollars spent on renting all the equipment or buying exorbitantly priced gear from other retailers. It's been said that this sale even encourages families and would-be recreational skiers to head to the snow, who otherwise might not have. 

The sale is nationwide, and if anything like last year, be prepared for a bit of push and shove. Check out the ALDI website to see the entire range ahead of Saturday's crazy sale.