Six Of The Best Uses For Baby Wipes

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By: Megan Gibson, ellaslist explorer

Baby Wipes are so amazing.  When you are pregnant with your first child you never realise how useful these are going to be.  So here are six of the best uses for Baby Wipes, apart from the obvious…

1. Bathroom Cleaning

Who wants to clean the bathroom and leave all the germs sitting around marinating in a sponge?  Use a baby wipe instead.  They are strong enough to withstand a few rinses and cheap enough to throw them straight in the bin afterwards.

2. Barbie Blankets

The average baby wipe is just the right size to use when Barbie and all her mates want a picnic, or to be tucked up warm and cosy in a baby powder scented bed.

3. Whiteboard/Blackboard Cleaner

The magnetic erasers that come with whiteboards these days are so useless. But whip out a baby wipe and it’s clean as a whistle in no time.

4. Car Interior Cleaner

It’s always good practise to have a spare pack of baby wipes in the car. They are awesome for emergencies with the kids and if you’re stuck in traffic you can whip one out and start cleaning the dash board. They are much handier than a paper towel and perfect to feed into tiny spaces to get the car really sparkly

5. Hair Tamers

Don’t you hate a windy or humid day when your hair flies around everywhere? Simply rub a wipe over your hair and the little flyway’s will settle back down.

6. Hair Dye Remover

You try and save money by dying your hair at home, only to end up with streaks of dye running down your face.   Have some baby wipes on hand as they are perfect for a quick wipe and throw.



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