Parking Fines Are Returning To NSW, Queensland And Victoria

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Well our grace period is officially over, but it was good while it lasted!

Brisbane City Council announced that from Monday May 18 parking metres across the city would be switched back on. 

Melbourne made the switch from Monday May 11. 

While in Sydney, City of Sydney inspectors will hit the ground running from May 25 and the inner city councils of Waverley have not yet decided when they will turn metres back on.

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Did somebody say silver linings?

Metered parking in the CBD is a thing of the past in Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane as local governments respond to COVID-19 lockdowns.

Melbourne’s lord mayor Sally Capp and Sydney lord mayor Clover Moore has said parking fines would not be issued for anyone parked in a zone with a green sign.

Naturally zones with red signs – such as disability parking, emergency services, and loading areas – will have the usual restrictions. 

Brisbane has gone a step further and turned off all parking meters in the Brisbane City Council area.

Woollahra Municipal Council in Sydney's eastern suburbs has also turned off parking meters due to the reduced demand in commercial centres for parking as a consequence of business closures.

Free For All But Not a Free-For-All

Sydney lord mayor Clover Moore said rangers would have a “flexible” approach to parking fines. 

“We have decided to take a flexible approach to parking and directed our rangers to use discretion,” the City of Sydney said in a statement.

“They will only issue parking fines or other penalties if there is an imminent risk or need.

“This doesn’t mean free, unlimited parking, wherever you’d like – we need you to continue to park legally.”

“Over the past two months, the City has been working with NSW Health to ensure we respond urgently and effectively to the spread of COVID-19,” Moore told the Sydney Morning Herald.

“The health and wellbeing of our communities is paramount, but we are also very concerned about businesses experiencing a significant downturn in patrons, and people left without work.”

Feeling *Fine*

These changes made in a bid to make it easier for essential workers to drive into the city, for people to visit essential services and to ease the nation's financial struggles.

Please remember that public gatherings significantly increase the risk of COVID-19 spreading. 

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