Kids Will Want To Return To The Little Gym Again And Again

  • Toddlers

By: Vanessa Mah Chut, ellaslist explorer

The front of The Little Gym at Bella Vista is all glass and as my son peered in for the first time, all I could hear was ‘Wow! Wow! Wow!’ All of the equipment looked shiny and new, and bright colours were everywhere. Our ‘wow’ experience continued as we were warmly welcomed by the staff and given an introductory tour where I noted most importantly, that there was a drinks station for parents.

They'll Gain Independence Before Your Eyes

Today my son was attending a class for 3-4-year-olds. Up until this age, The Little Gym offers a Parent / Child Class. So this is the first age where kids get to go in without parents. I was a bit skeptical about my son joining in but the fabulous part is that there is a glass wall between the parents waiting area and the gym. So, the kids can see the parents, and parents the kids, at all times. This means it's a great class for developing independence in kids with the confidence that you are nearby.

Spectacular Staff

We attended a class with an instructor known as Mr. PJ who was amazing with the kids. He had the right balance of fun and discipline for this age group, and the kids responded well to his instructions. The enthusiasm of the staff, as well as the staff:child ratio of approximately 1:4, impressed me.

My son is quite shy when it comes to new people and experiences, yet he was actively participating before the end of the warm up role play activity. With small group numbers and lots of positive and welcoming staff, this would be an ideal gym for shy and reluctant kids who might need this extra support. It is also a great class for language development as the kids did lots of talking and listening throughout the class.

Fun, Themed Classes

The programs are themed and this particular day had a fire safety focus. So the session began with a movement and role play activity to music. This was perfect for getting this energetic age group moving and then able to concentrate later on the instructions for the circuits. The gym equipment was divided into three areas and the kids then moved through circuits in these 3 spaces.

Each circuit was first modelled and then the kids had a go on their own, with the instructors assisting on the more technical equipment. There were beams, bars and mats of all sizes and the kids were soon rolling, balancing, crawling, jumping, swinging and lots more.

Immediate Feedback

The one-hour lesson concluded with a fun game that involved taking beanbags from a sleeping dragon, which the kids loved. While this took place with one instructor, Mr. PJ stepped outside to give the parents an overview of the lesson and some feedback about how the kids were going. This is because while the parents can see the lesson, the glass is relatively soundproof.

The ellaslist Verdict

In the week since our visit my son has regularly asked when he will go to The Little Gym again, as he just had such a special time there. So what's different about this gym? It's modern and bright, but more than this, the intimate groups mean that the kids make connections with the staff and each other that wouldn't be possible with larger groups. With a FREE introductory lesson, there's no reason not to check it out and see if it's right for your child.

What You Need To Know

When: Check the timetable for class times Tuesday-Saturday and birthday parties on Saturday and Sunday.

Location: Unit H146/28 Lexington Drive (Lower level), Bella Vista

Getting there: There are a few Visitor parking spaces in front of the gym. If these are taken, use the visitor parking spaces on the Top Level.

Prices: Ask for tuition options. Prices reduce if you commit for a longer time period.