It’s Time To Say Goodbye To ❛Mommy Wars❜

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By: Marie Ashworth, ellaslist

‘Oh, you’re using formula!’ ‘Oh, you co-sleep do you!’. Dubbed the ‘Mommy Wars’ everything from what kind of nappy to use to whether or not to work or stay at home is potential fodder for condescending, confidence-shattering comments between mums.

Moms Uniting Moms run by Shauna Stewart Douglas is all about Mums supporting each other. It’s the antithesis of Mommy Wars. Some of the team recently got together for a photoshoot pushing for understanding and less judgement about parenting styles and choices.

It’s not about always agreeing on how to raise our kids. It’s about being able to have constructive discussions without tearing each other down. These photos represent our ability to live our lives differently but without judgment.

1. Sleep Choices



2. Parenting Situations

different parents



3. Fertility




4. Birthing Choices




5. Career Choices

working mums



6. Parenting At Any Age

aged parents



We love this. No judgement, no animosity, just mums accepting each other and their different parenting choices and situations.