Is it Going to Rain on Christmas?

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Planning a family picnic on Christmas day? Or perhaps hoping to head to the beach after all the festivities?

Well, the good news is, unlike last year, we are likely to expect a warm Sydney Christmas thanks to something known as the “Southern Annular Mode”- or SAM. We love you, SAM.

Although it’s a touch too early confidently predict Christmas Day weather (and you know how unpredictable Aussie skies can be), it is likely to be warm on the east coast and cool on the south.

But What About Rain?

According to, highs could hit around 27C with partly cloudy skies on Chrissy Eve, rolling into highs of 28C on Christmas Day. According to ACCU weather, Sydney could reach about 26C, mostly sunny with some cloud cover at stages throughout the day. Not too shabby! Might be the perfect year for Aussie traditions like Santa surfing down at the beach and outdoor BBQs.


What’s Open on Christmas

Just in case it does drizzle, there are a handful of places that are open on Christmas Day and most of them are under-cover. Here’s our list of places to go on the 25th.



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