How To Know If You❜re Done Having Kids

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By: Phoebe Ackland, ellaslist

Maybe you always planned to have a big family… but after the first 2, a little doubt started to creep in. Or maybe you just wanted you, your husband and your first born to form a happy little trio, but the sights, sounds and smells of newborns still send you crazy with cluckiness. Whatever the situation, whether or not to have another child is a very personal situation. Here are some hints you may be ready to close the baby factory forever:

1. That Time Of The Month: Pre-babies and post-wedding, this was often an extremely disappointing and disheartening monthly greeting. Now, you breathe a sigh of relief and high-five your partner when you realise you’ve escaped another month of boarding the baby train. A definite sign you’re probably done.

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2. You Can’t Remember Sleepless Nights: A very welcome side effect of having older children means that your sleep-filled nights and even (slight) sleep-ins on weekends have returned. If you can’t remember how you use to cope, and if the thought of broken sleep (if any sleep at all) fills you with dread, you might be done with babies.

3. Newborns Just Don’t Do It: Your friends used to have to pry their newborns from your arms, and you may have even stopped to gush over babies several times in a stroll through a supermarket. But now, babies don’t seem as cute as they use to be, you’ve lost your ability to speak baby and you hold newborns only to give them back to their rightful owners ASAP = you might be done with babies.


4. You Feel Desperately Sorry For New Mothers: Whether your friend has just announced her pregnancy and you feel yourself having to force excitement for her whilst secretly thinking “Good Luck”, or the sound of  a new baby crying in a cafe makes you wince whilst you enjoy your coffee….you might be past the point of new motherhood.

5. There’s More Space In Your Home: If your baby gear has been unceremoniously tossed out during clean-up or re-gifted to other friends expecting babies, your subconscious might be trying to tell you something.


6. You Have A Taste For Luxury: Maybe you splurged on a new couch without the worry of chocolate-covered or sticky hands ruining the fabric, or maybe the expensive china is being brought out at dinner-time more frequently. Either way, your days of baby-proofing and saving your dollars meticulously are long gone.

7. You’ve Got Girls And Boys Names In Mind: But not for a baby. These days, you get much more clucky about the thought of a new puppy than a new baby.

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