Highpoint Shopping Centre gets a Play Space Upgrade: Check out The Sticks Playground!

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Hello, this is Highpoint Shopping Centre Upgrade speaking, we have a NEW PLAYGROUND. This is not a drill!

Remember the tiny little space outside the Fresh Food entrance that was a bit of nothing much? Well, no more! The area has had a complete overhaul, and now boasts a safe and fun space to run, jump, play and CLIMB. There is so much climbing to be done here!

Poles, ropes, web tunnels, stairs, small blocks, big blocks, just about anything you can climb is all featured.

With a soft play surface it's also a great spot to let the babies and toddlers move around and stretch their legs, although it's not fully fenced and right near several carparks and internal roads, so do keep that in mind.

There are small shade sails and it is reasonably protected, being built right up close to a large exterior wall.

There is a spinning wheel, bouncy blocks (which squeak musically when jumped on), balance beams and xylophone for the younger crowd, but it's truly a great play area for older kids - quite a few of the climbing elements are really high and probably hard to manage for little ones who are not confident climbers. It is very cleverly designed for the small area it's in, however, and makes great use of the space.

In a Nutshell

Nearest cafe: Highpoint is full of them! There are also two food courts and eateries spread throughout the centre. The very closest cafe is Rozzi's Canteen, which also has outdoor tables overlooking the play area.

Toilets: There are several toilets throughout Highpoint, as well as baby change rooms.

Shade: Small shade sails.

Enclosed: No.

Parking: Plenty of parking in the multi-storey carparks 

Best feature: The climbing net tunnel and spider web.

What you need to know 

Location: 120-200 Rosamond Rd, Maribyrnong VIC 3032.

For more info: Check out the Highpoint Website


Main image credit: Highpoint Shopping Centre