Here Are The Newest Slang Words Teens Are Using Right Now

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If it feels like everyone under 20 is speaking a different language it could be because they are.

But to keep ahead of the lingo, here’s our handy guide of all the slang words currently in vogue. Let’s go…

Chat – It no longer means the art of conversation. Chat now means “that’s bad”. To use in context, “Oh, those croc stilettos are so chat”.

Shook – When you’re shocked or surprised. In context? “That show’s ending was so shook!”

Highkey – when you really want something. You’d use it like this: “I highkey those heels I saw on the Iconic.”

Gucci – Oh my god, that’s so Gucci. Yep, that means it’s awesome and so cool. But the youth would never say cool, obvs.

No Cap – When something is confirmed as true. Because saying ‘that’s a fact’ is so 2019.

Main character – Okay, it doesn’t mean the main character in your life aka partner/bestie but when someone walks into a room and you all look. They’re having a main character moment.

Sip – A people pleaser.

Boujee – a big one for 2020 that’s still being use to describe those who like the finer things in life.

And just to keep ahead of the curve, woke is no longer used by Gen-Z to mean awesome. It's used ironically, usually with an eyeroll. 

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