Free Water Play Parks In The West Of Sydney

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By: Alex Harmon, ellaslist 

The west of Sydney may not be blessed with the beach but it has its fair share of water parks for kids to cool down in the warmer months. Tipping buckets, fantastic fountains and powerful jets are sure to cool down your little ones this Summer.  And the best part? They're all FREE!

Top Tip: Pack as if you were going to the beach. Make sure you bring a hat and sunscreen, a spare change of clothes, maybe some waterproof sandals and a towel. Water guns will make for some extra wet fun. 



1. Blaxland Riverside Park, Sydney Olympic Park

This playground really is a sight for sore eyes- it will feel like you've entered a Teletubbies world! Boasting green and purple hills made of astroturf with tunnels and slides cut into them, a massive spinning dish, a Viking swing and a double flying fox, children have MORE than enough equipment to entertain them. The highlight of this park during the Summer is no doubt the massive flat area surrounded by raised slopes of astroturf, where from 10am-4pm during the warm months the various jets randomly spurt water sky-high, creating an exciting water play experience. Read the review here. 



2. James Ruse Reserve Water Playground, Parramatta

A local family favourite on Summer days and evenings- you'll often find groups here letting their kids cool down and burn off that pre-bedtime energy! There are mini water fountains for little ones, as well as tipping buckets and large cascading water features for bigger kids. Toddlers will also enjoy wading in the shallow water that accumulates before it is drained away. The water turns on from 9am-8pm from September-May. Read the review here. 



3. Philip Ruddock Water Playground

Set in the hillside at Dundas Park, this is the perfect family spot to spend a warm day. Here you'll find fountains, water jets and the most popular- tipping buckets! There are rings spraying water to run through, water projecting from tall flower-shaped sculptures, shade sails, and a dry playground nearby. Read the review here. 


4. Granville Water Park

Here there are three distinct areas in the water playground- one with water cannons for safe water fights, one for bigger kids with large tipping buckets that get you totally soaked, and a junior area with mini fountains set at toddler height. There are also rings that spray water that kids can run through, and a nearby small dry playground and skate park. Read the review here. 


5. Livvi's Place, Kellyville

The new all-accessible Livvi's Place at Bernie Mullane Reserve has an awesome water play section. It's also one of the only water play parks that is fenced in! So you can relax as the kids run wild through water jets, tipping buckets and surprise sprays. Read our review here

6. Curry Reserve, Elderslie

Residents of Camden were blown away when this opened in December 2018. It's the first free water play park for the area and it's full of splashtastic fun. We love that they heat the water in the cooler months so it's open longer than most parks! Read more about it here.

7. Your Own Backyard

Sometimes it's just too hot to venture out in the car or pram. Luckily there is so much easy fun to be had with water in your own backyard. We love the Bunch O Balloons range for super-fast water balloon action - seriously, you can fill and tie 100 Water Balloons in less than 60 Seconds with the sensational self-tying water balloon toy! Other ideas include: get the sprinkler or hose out, dust off the Slip n Slide (or make your own) fill spray bottles with water and have a water battle, get buckets of water and make paper boats to sail or use cooking utensils to make your own "soup", fill up water balloons (or any balloons) and have fun throwing them at each other. The possibilities are endless! Disclaimer: try to go easy on the water, there are parts of Australia experiencing drought!