Bring Back The Rainbow Sprinkles...Fairy Bread Is This Cafe❜s Signature Dish!

  • Mums & Bubs

By Melissa Fine, ellaslist

Featuring a mix of nostalgic Aussie food favourites and our current breakkie trends, Roo Coffee is the brainchild of Brisbane girl Elyse Goyen. Bringing a taste of our food culture to LA, the cafe serves the food we grew up on with a twist.

Think VoVo smoothies (!), and nostalgic birthday party fairy bread - but on legit sourdough with melted butter + mascarpone. And for a pick-me-up, Iced Milo spiked with sea salt and maca - an in-vogue South American superfood.   

There's also mandatory avocado toast along with all the other insta-worthy health foodie toppings. We've got our eyes on the pretty-in-pink fig toast. 

The Macadamia Granola even comes with Aussie lemon myrtle and bush honey. 

When it comes to breakkie, clearly us Aussies are onto something. Find out which Sydney cafes are whipping up fairy bread here!

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