ellaslist's Mini Testers Try Out White Wings Cookies & Cream Icebergs

By: Ayesha Khan, ellaslist

Looking for a new creative way to keep the kids busy? How about spending some quality time together in the kitchen. Have the kids whip a storm and make their own White Wings Cookies & Cream Icebergs. Sounds hard? Think again. These super cool yummy treats from the White Wings Make & Create range are incredibly easy to make and require no baking. We absolutely love the new Make and Create™ range because it empowers kids to get in the kitchen and teaches them invaluable skills such as patience, counting, self-confidence as well as tapping on a child’s creativity and self-expression.

We got together a group of super fun mums along with their cute little testers to make the White Wings Cookies & Cream Icebergs at their homes. The only thing more fun than eating ice-cream is making your own, right? Well, the kids certainly seemed to think so.

Fun was only the tip of the iceberg as the kids got their hands' dirty mixing and whisking away.  And did we mention there’s no baking involved? All you do is pop the mix in the freezer and wait for the icebergs to form. So simple that the kids gave the product a good overall experience rating of 5. Now that’s really cool!

How Did The Mums Fare

Susan's little helper taking charge of the kitchen


Our mums loved the simplicity of the recipe. It was so easy that you just could stand back and let the kids take charge. Claudia had a wonderful time creating the yummy treats along with her six-year-old daughter.

“I couldn’t believe how easy the recipe was for my 6-year-old to follow. We really did not have to buy much to add to the pack, which is always a bonus!

Catherine, mum of three beautiful girls, is always looking for new adventures to keep her tribe busy and happy. The three tiny chefs had a ball making the icy cool treats.

“It was a lot of fun. Easy to follow instructions however we did come across a few hiccups along the way because we decide on the quantities. The ingredients and the utensils we needed were familiar to the girls but the hardest part for them was the waiting time to eat it!”

We’re In Love With It

Ruthann's precious princess enjoying creating magic in the kitchen


When the treats are this delicious and easy to make and the kids do all the work, we know mum is the true winner! Susan’s three kids are always looking for an excuse to experiment in the kitchen and the White Wings Cookies & Cream Icebergs was just their cup of tea.

“The kids were able to help with most of the steps. The bright packaging was a bonus and really engaged the kids”

Most of our mums loved spending quality time together with the kids in the kitchen. Ruthann and her daughter have been baking buddies for a few years and really enjoyed trying out the White Wings Cookies & Cream Icebergs.

“The cookies & cream icebergs were a bit different from what we would normally make, so we enjoyed that. We enjoyed the time together”

The Kids Ruled The Kitchen

Catherine's mini testers were all smiles while making their favourite dessert


We all know kids go crazy over ice cream especially when they make them themselves! Catherine’s three girls just couldn’t contain their excitement while making the treats.

“All three wanted seconds. I loved the way they all shared and took turns with the procedure and helped each other get it done., My youngest, Bronte enjoyed the cutting activity on the back of the packet. She cut out each of the penguins and matched all the pairs”

Shall We Do It Again?

When making ice cream is this easy and fun, we can only say “Iceberg Ahead!”. Most of our mummies agreed they would definitely be making these yummy treats and more from the Make and Create™ range. The mini testers are certain they would be creating magic in the kitchen real soon again. Claudia thinks this is a fun and engaging activity for her daughter and a great way to get a dessert ready for the entire family.

Ruthann is certain she will be trying out more products from the Make and Create™ range.

“I would definitely try more Make and Create products. I wasn't too sure if I would make this one again, however, my daughter has already asked if we can”


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