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By: Jo McPherson, ellaslist explorer

My daughter’s favourite thing is going to Luna Park, so we have purchased annual passes and go a couple of times each school holidays.

We get down early so we can find our favourite parking spot and get on the rides before it gets crazy busy. This time we bypass the first ticket booth and head up to the annual pass booths to get our wrist bands.

First Stop – Mouse Trap

Our first stop is nearly always the Mouse Trap but today there are some brilliant school holiday special rides.

Check the height restrictions to avoid disappointment

Ellie was desperate to go on “Freak Out!” but sadly we were very disappointed to find that you had to be 140cm or above.

Luckily “The Overall Journey” was available for 106cm and above and if you had the courage. Ellie was put in a harness and off up the steps she went. This is an elevated ropes course that certainly put Ellie’s climbing skills to the test as she traversed the course’s two levels, elevated 8 metres above the ground. I did not join her but there were several adults that did and they all seemed to being having a great time.

Our other favourite rides are Mouse Trap, Moon Ranger, The Dodgems, The Rotor and the fun and games in Coney Island.

Love the Ferris Wheel

One of the things I particularly love about Luna Park is the location. On a gorgeous sunny day going up in the Ferris Wheel and looking out over the harbour is truly delightful. The Ferris Wheel is a ride without screams that everyone can go on.

The other thing I love about Luna Park is that it is not too big and there are plenty of seats for me to perch on whilst the children shriek, laugh and have lots of fun. It is so nice seeing so many happy smiley faces.

Meeting the Minions

Another perk of going these school holidays was meeting the Minions. The yellow creatures came out and danced and then posed for photos. There were opportunities to take casual pictures or you could pay for a posed and printed photo for $10. We wouldn’t normally pay but I love these yellow banana people so could not resist.
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  1. Get there at 10am when Luna Park opens.
  2. Wear closed shoes otherwise you will not be allowed on a few of the rides.
  3. If you have an annual pass remember to use it to get your discounts on food and purchases.
  4. It can be chilly down by the water so take a jumper.
  5. Check out the height restrictions before you go as a teary child can spoil an otherwise awesome day out.
  6. Buy you tickets online or look for a discount voucher

Luna Park is located at Milsons Point, under the northern end of the Sydney Harbour Bridge. It’s super easy to get to by train, ferry, bus or car. Ticket prices range from $29.95 – $49.95 for a day pass or $99 for an annual pass. Visit the Luna Park Website for more info.



We are a small family originally from the UK. Dave (my husband) and I are in our 40’s and moved to Sydney about 10 years ago; we can’t imagine living anywhere else now.
We have one daughter, Ellie, who is 7 and into anything that we offer her. She loves craft, drama, dressing up, swimming (particularly as a mermaid), cycling and anything else you may suggest she does. We also have a gorgeous dog, Rosie who is our best friend and ball lover.
Dave is an IT architect and in his free time used to play many computer games however now we have a home, his free time is used to garden and do the DIY jobs that I am really hopeless at.
I’m a teacher and work with children and their families that have autism. It is a rewarding job and I love it. I also love the school holidays where Ellie and I can go off and explore Sydney.
We all love travelling and doing new things; we are often browsing the ’net for interesting things to see and do. Every school holiday we are busy doing things. My friends are always saying “you do so much with Ellie; you are always doing something different”! I wouldn’t have it any other way.