ellaslist Gets Up Close & Personal With Jimmy Rees aka "Jimmy Giggle" From Giggle And Hoot

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ellaslist: Congratulations on your baby news, Jimmy – how exciting! Do you reckon bub might get to make a guest appearance on Giggle & Hoot when he/she arrives?
Jimmy: Haha that would be hilarious, perhaps a new segment called ‘Hoot changes a nappy’

ellaslist: What are you most looking forward to about being a dad?
Jimmy: I can’t wait to play all the tricks my dad played on me as a kid, for example, he would pretend to call the ‘traffic lights operator’ from his ‘car phone’ and just stall until the lights changed before he thanked the man and drove off. my brothers and I would try to guess the number he called, it drove us mad. We will have lots of fun thats for sure.

ellaslist: How does Jimmy Giggle being a bit of an afternoon sex symbol sit with you?!
Jimmy: Ha!!! I never thought about it until a FaceBook page appeared called ‘I could teach Jimmy Giggle a thing or two.’ I laughed for days when I saw this. It’s all in good fun, very funny and a little awkward too.

ellaslist: What’s the weirdest thing a kid’s ever asked you as Jimmy Giggle?
Jimmy: A slightly older kid but a fan nonetheless asked me if I was a puppet, he was also looking for the puppeteer. Very funny.

ellaslist: Jimmy, you’re from Melbourne – where’s your favourite place to visit when you’re in Sydney? Be honest!
Jimmy: I just spent a few months living on the Northern Beaches, it is stunning up there. I have always loved the beach and Sydney is all about the water, whether its the beaches or the harbour its very pretty.

….and from the mouths of some ellaslist babes -

Kathryn Mitchell’s 2yo asks:
Q: What are Hoot and Hootabelle’s favourite colours?
A: Hoot and Hootabelle love the colour of their own feathers so Hoot’s favourite is blue and Hootabelle’s is purple.

Carmen Knapp’s 5yo son asks:
Q: Does Hoot sleep in pyjamas like you? Do they have your picture on them? When are you getting Hootabell pyjamas? Do you have any other pets other than owls?
A: Following that rule you would think Hoot would have PJ’s with me on them but he has pyjamas with HIMSELF on them. Oh MAAAAAN! Hootabelle pyjamas are a great idea, i might have to make some. No other animals in the house unless you include Giggleosaurus and Gigglepaws! ROARRRRRR!!!

Nicola Scott’s 3yo daughter asks:
Q: Do you ever get old? Or are you like Peter Pan, forever young?
A: Hoot is forever young but I seem to mysteriously grow a beard whenever I’m not on the TV … hmmmm … strange!!





May 25 2015

Hi Shimal, please contact the ABC directly to be put in touch with Jimmy Giggle! All the best, Arielle @ ellaslist.



May 22 2015

Hi my children got removed from docs and i wanyed to do something special for my eldest child since they hardly get to see us anymore . I wanted to know if its possible to hire jimmy giggle for his 6th bday coming up in june 15 .and how much would it cost to do an hour show at his school for his class please? ?