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By: Phoebe Ackland, ellaslist

Real dump trucks, excavators, steamrollers, backhoes….not typically what you’d ever allow you children to stand near, let alone operate! Welcome to Diggerland USA, the only construction-themed amusement park in North America, and the stuff of little builders and future construction workers dreams.

Source: Fatherly Facebook

Heavy construction equipment has been modified for children’s use in this Jersey attraction, where kids can dig huge holes, watch stunt shows, climb rock walls and tall rope courses…and even take military trucks off road for a little spin.

We can smells parents’ (especially dads) jealousy- but don’t fret! There’s an ‘XL’ section for adults to have a go too. It’s on our list for our next trip to the US…

diggerland 3

Source: Diggerland USA

The Rides

The adrenaline-shaking rides include:

  • Backhoe Adventure – Drive a real backhoe

  • Big Diggers – Learn to operate a real digger

  • Shake ‘n Roll – Here’s your chance to be a ride a steam roller

  • Dumper Trucks – Maneuver your way through an obstacle course on a dumper truck

There are also exciting mini-digger rides and fun variations of fairground attractions, such as the dig-a-round, excavator express and turnpike tractors.

Plus there’s a kids’ zone with an awesome slide, stunt shows, rock wall, ropes and more.

diggerland 2

Source: Diggerland USA

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