Check Out This Brilliant Seven Seater Pram!

  • Parents Only

By: Serina Hajje, ellaslist

Thinking of expanding your family? We’ve found a pram that is just perfect for you and your clan.

Our Kiwi cousins have just launched their new Double KinderPod; a pram that can seat from two to seven children, aged from newborn to preschool, all at the same time! This sturdy stroller is surprisingly flexible, with removable compartments and accessories so that you can adjust the number of seats you need.

Thinking about how on earth this thing can fit in a car or bus? Well, with one swift action the pram collapses. Getting the KinderPod out of your car is easy too: it locks automatically into the upright assembled position.

How Much?

Kinderpod delivers internationally and the Double Kinderpod costs about $1,440 (plus around $140 for shipping depending on where you live). For those of you who are looking for something a bit simpler, there’s the Single KinderPod which seats one to five children. It has the same versatility of the Double and there are removable seating options that you can buy. The Single Kinderpod costs around $950.


The designer of Kinderpod has done a quick demo on the double KinderPod mounted with a single reclining pod (triple seating), showing interchangeable positions.

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