Can You Relate To This Mum❜s Night Out?

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By: Phoebe Ackland, ellaslist

It's an oldie but it's a goodie! We still can't stop laughing at Hurrah For Gin’s post, “Mums on the Razz” detailing what mums nights out really look like! Have you ever tried to round up all the girls for a champagne-filled trip down pre-baby memory lane? If you’re anything like us, your efforts were probably pretty comical.

1. There’s Always One

Although you and your friends have had a save-the-date on this night for months, there’s always one that just can’t seem to make it.


hfg 1 Source: Hurrah For Gin

2. Shopping Used To Be Fun

Remember back to when you’d get so excited about wearing a brand new outfit on a Saturday night out and that the more people that saw you, the better?! Those days are long gone. What do people even wear out these days?!


hfg 2 Source: Hurrah For Gin

3. ellaslist Top Tip

Since the outfit is a disgrace, you decide to make up for it with a gorgeously painted face. Take Hurrah For Gin’s tip and “Drink whilst you do your make up because it makes you think it looks better.”


hfg 3 Source: Hurrah For Gin

4. The Liquor Kicks In

Forget the nightmare it was to get to this point- you’ve all (well, almost all) made it to your girls night out! Plenty of photos for Instagram and Facebook are a must.


selfie Source: Hurrah For Gin

5. The Liquor Really Kicks In

Although you probably went into the night with a drinking game plan that involved sticking to one drink all night, you ended up drinking something that looked a little like this:



drink Source: Hurrah For Gin

6. Water After Every Cocktail

After a few champagnes, water just doesn’t seem to cut it…



water Source: Hurrah For Gin


7. The Drunken “I Love You Girls” Spiel

At some stage, you will all find yourselves in the bathroom together confessing your undying friendship.



drunk friends Source: Hurrah For Gin

8. Go Wild

If your mum’s night out is anything like Hurrah For Gins’s, then once you make your way out of the bathroom, you’ll probably do one or a combination of the following wild things: “Perform some lunges, do shots of tequila, steal someones jaunty hat, try and flirt with a hipster.Why not be a total ROCKSTAR and do all of the above simultaneously.”



wild night Source: Hurrah For Gin

9. Reality Sets In

It’s probably only around 10pm when your realise the girls night out so far has really take it out of you. Either you or a friend is probably in the pokie machine room mooching cigarettes from a group of barely 18 year old boys.



ciggies Source: Hurrah For Gin

10. The Rest Of The Crew

Apart from mooching cigarettes, you glance around the club to check up on your friends- most likely they’ll be humping pot plants, harassing strangers or dancing on table tops.



wild friends Source: Hurrah For Gin

11. Time To Go

After deciding pot plant humping took it a step too far, you head straight to McDonalds for a traditional drunken feast and cry over boys that broke your heart in high school.



mcdonalds Source: Hurrah For Gin

12. Taxi Driver Diversion

One of your girls cleverly distracts the taxi driver with boring conversation whilst another has a tactical vom in her handbag.



taxi Source: Hurrah For Gin

13. You’ve Made It Home

No doubt you’ve lost your keys and are now proceeding to bang on the door, waking the kids up until your husband lets you in with a very unimpressed look on his face.



peter pan Source: Hurrah For Gin

14. Bed Time

You heave yourself onto the bed fully clothed, for a nice long sleep. But as suspected, the kids have no idea what a sleep-in is.


bedtime Source: Hurrah For Gin

15. The Morning After

Gone are the days of blissful, lazy hangover days in bed…now you’ve probably got a 10am start to get to your child’s friend’s birthday party at an indoor play ground. What joy.



morning after Source: Hurrah For Gin


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