Archie Brothers Cirque Electriq Alexandria Is Like Las Vegas For Kids

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At the end of 2017 a new circus came to town, and it's still going strong. But in this very unique circus there's no fire breathers, acrobatics or animal cruelty. Under the one 'big top', in this case, a huge warehouse in Alexandria, comes a new one-stop fun house where the party never ends (well, it closes at midnight but same-same). I need to list all the attractions of Archie Brothers Cirque Electriq so you can marvel at how much they pack in:

  • Ten Pin Bowling
  • Laser Tag
  • Arcade games
  • Virtual Reality Rides
  • Dodgem Cars
  • 3D Cinema Theme Park Rides


Honestly, you will be giddy at the choices on offer, and that's before you've tried one of their famous FREAK SHAKES that need to be seen to be believed. If you can make any sort of plan in this place, it would be to head for the arcade games first. The tokens spit out of the machines so fast you'll feel like a 21 year old in Vegas who's making it rain on the slot machines.

That's right it's not your everyday kinda kids hang out - but that's the beauty of it - kids will love it as much as you do. The bright neon lights and buzzing sounds from the retro games produce an effervescent vibe that is pretty intoxicating. My son especially loved the milk jug toss - he's only three but managed to master this one like a boss! There's also air hockey, pacman, b-ball hoops, motorbikes and more. 


Lunch In A Carousel

Once you've worked up an appetite, head to the licensed diner for some seriously exciting food. You can sit in an old carousel or even a saucer from the teacup ride. It's very Coney Island and the super friendly staff are kitted out in suspenders like old-school ringmasters. The menu, while targeted at adults, is food for the adult who never grew up. Think hot dogs, burgers, pizzas and waffle fries. Oh and the burgers have green buns! The freakshakes, as mentioned, are the talk of the town. They are like Willy Wonka creations with theatrical good looks. Sugary, decadent and totally over the top, they will delight old and young. After dark this place is geared towards the 20-somethings who can add a dash of whiskey or tequila to make the shakes even more fun. 



Let's Go Bowling

Ten pin bowling is a fun day out in itself, but here it's like a post-lunch pick me up. Book a lane (with bumpers for us), pull up a ramp and knock over some pins. I don't know why I haven't taken my son bowling before, he absolutely loved it. And with the bumpers in place it's pretty hard not to do well. No gutter balls = no tantrums. Winning!


Never Grow Up

Archie Brothers Cirque Electriq is a venue that follows the 'kidult' trend that is sweeping Sydney. If you haven't heard, it's an increasingly popular thing to want to go out with your mates at night and do something fun that reminds you of being a kid. As opposed to just eating at a restaurant or drinking at a bar (although that is part of the fun here too). Places like Holey Moley Golf Club, Skyzone and Escape Rooms give punters a nostalgic experience that they can do to escape the mundane and bring back that sense of fun and wonder we lost along the way. That's my take on it anyway. Either way, this place manages to appeal to 3 year olds right through to 43 year olds. And when you cash in your Vegas winnings at the gift store (with prizes as little as whoopy cushions and as big as Playstations) you take home a memento of your good time. 


The Details

Prices: Entry is FREE. Bowling is $17/game Monday to Friday until 4pm, or $19/game on weekends until 4pm (After 4pm bowling is $19/game Sunday to Thursday, and $21/game Friday to Saturday). Laser tag is $12, a spin on the dodgem cars is $6 and you can top-up a card to play arcade games for $20, $50, $70 or $100.
Birthday parties: Kids parties start at $36pp
Address: 55 Doody Street, Alexandria
For more information, check out the Archie Brothers Cirque Electriq Alexandria website.





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