A New Friends-Themed Cafe Is Coming

I’ll Be There For Youuuu… in a new Friends-themed cafe in Manchester! Well we can’t actually believe there are only 2 other Friends-themed cafes in existence (the last episode was 15 years ago, get to it people!), we’re thrilled at the idea of grabbing a coffee at a real-life Central Perk.

Image Source: Primark

The cafe, which is an exact replica of Central Perk (velvet orangey-brown couch included), is opening in major UK department store, Primark, for the public to come in and grab a cup of coffee from Gunther (no, not really, but imagine!). Coffee will be served in branded ‘Central Perk – Manchester’ cups along with Friends-themed snacks to mark the 25th anniversary of the iconic sitcom.   

Image Source: Primark

Fans of the much-loved comedy now have the chance to kick back and reminisce about Phoebe singing Smelly Cat, Ross and Rachel having their first kiss, and whether or not Gunther ever got over his crush on Rachel. More nostalgia will be on the menu with Friends memorabilia and New-York-inspired drinks. We’re booking our flights right now!


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